Cheetahs Check In - Monday, 6/26

Hey everyone Good Morning.

I'm very anxious to hear from all of you that had races this past weekend - how did they go????

I ran 6 miles on Friday and went right back out again on Saturday for 4. I felt like a "real runner" this weekend. My training said to not run the day before and after a long run, but I felt so good I went out and gave it a shot anyway. I felt great until about the last 1/2 mile again, toe cramped up AGAIN, but I got it in. I felt great! ;-)

Today, oh guess what, I have another meeting this evening. BUT, I'm going to leave early today and get a really good workout in, probably 4 miles and strength work (I need to get going on lifting) and then go back for my meeting.

I hope everyone has a great day !!!

Good morning, Cheetahs! Rest day for me today, I needed it after all of the running/ biking this weekend!! I'll do some Pilates/ abs later though!

Gotta get ready for company- my dh's best friend & his family from FL(they have 2 girls- ages 5 & 4) will be here from tomorrow evening til Friday. It will be loads of fun, the girls just LOVE each other! So if you don't see me on here as much, you'll know why! I still plan on getting up to run/ workout though! Gotta keep up w/ my marathon training plan!

Good morning cheetahs

Great job on 2nd Laura!!

Jess..sounds like you are having fun crosstraining with the bike!

Mattea...sounds like you had a fun hike with your DH yesterday.

Barb...I bet your DS will have fun at camp. Good workout yesterday

Karin...I have done some runs also going by "how I feel"..I am doing it today! I get the chafing too on my longer runs. I used something called Aquaphor, like Vaseline but with a healing agent. I rub that on like bodyglide.

Karen...I think getting your knee checked out is a very good idea. Looks like a good rotation this week.

Christine...sounds like the hike with Amy was awesome...I know the feeling about your dog. I always hated it when I knew I'd not be able to run with my dogs anymore as they got older...they do love it but it is best not to put them thru that..

Yes for those of you that looked our runner missed her 1st cutoff point so she was pulled.. ...she said it wasn't really the heat but just the severity of the course and alot of debri. 30 runners missed that cutoff and that will be a record number in this run. I counted a total of 188 runners that dropped which is a HUGE amount for this run. It was so incredibly hot and humid (humid for Cal) that I am not sure I could have survived 26.2 miles, let alone 100! I have ALWAYS respected these 100 mile Ultra runners...but...I have a whole new respect for any of the finishers now. OMG! I got to watch some finish at about the 27 hour mark (the cutoff is 30 hours) I cannot explain my amazement as they ran right in....only one guy was listing a bit to his left. I have watched marathons, and 50K's where runners finishing looked worse than these finishers...WOW!!! and there is no way I would ever consider running this far...really!

We most likely could have paced someone else but I would rather pace someone I know a bit. And honestly with that frigging heat...we were not really upset. Our runner Pat who is from Indianapolis spent alot more money that we did coming out and only running about 26 miles. We spent alot of time with her DH and DD and they were so very fun. A truly nice, sweet family. The female that won (she is 35) looked great at 62 miles. She came in 4th OVERALL...she finished in 19:26 which once again due to the conditions is amazing.....

Well...they pulled the top male finisher so it looks like Nikki got 3rd overall instead of 4th!! I had heard some controversy about the top male finisher being helped up as he fell a few times in the last few miles. A big NO,NO!!! He was being paced by Scott Jurek who has won this event 7 times in the last 7 years. You would think he'd know better than to help the guy up...kinda sad.

So I did go shopping and got some Nike running shoes (on sale of course!). I'll be doing a run in them today, not sure how far. I did not get much sleep in the last few days until last night...I'll check back in later. And...we hit a high temp here yesterday...117!!!! YUKKY!!!!

Have a great day...:)

edited to add a link to this news article if you are interested:
Good afternoon cheetahs!

Sounds like everyone, is usual, busy!:7

Marcia-I'm so glad you are feeling so great. It is amazing that you are going to go to work, do all of your workout, and then go back for one of those marathon meetings!

Jess-Sounds like a fun-packed week you have planned:D I hope the weather cooperates for you, here it's been a steady downpour for the last two days. I think you should totally check into a tri! Would you be the first cheetah to do one? Has anyone else here done one?

Carole-The hike was so much fun! But, uh, most definitely not a mountain, lol. Go Amy and Christine! It was more like a long walk, with several long uphill portions:+ That's too bad about your runner, but I have to say I'm kind of relieved for you that you didn't have to go 20 miles in that heat and that you had such a fun experience (with some shopping of course, :7 ). I'm also glad it didn't inspire you to run that far}( Those athletes are truly amazing to me!

Barb-A confused little puppy? ROTFLMAO!!!! I love it and plan to use it the next time DH does something like he did last night, only cooked one serving of pasta instead of two...

Christine and Amy- and Christine's DH and Tucker and Kimo- Hope you aren't feeling it too much today!

Karen-Hope things went well, and quickly, at the docs!

Today, as per the rain, rain, rain, was Imax 3 and then DH and I may go shopping later today.

Oh and fellow vegan cheetahs, I've found a new treat that isn't exactly 'clean', but not really that bad either. Vegan whipped cream in a can. A little pricey, but as this was one thing I missed I've been very pleased inventing things to put it on these past few days. Mostly fruit:9 It's only 10 cal. and 1 gr. of sugar per serving.

Have a great day Laura, Elaine, Sarah, Karin, and vacationing cheetahs!
You know, if I could train more swimming wise I'd love to do a tri!! There are a couple around here that are spring tri's that I could train for. My running buddy has done a couple, she has a pool to swim in though! I am really liking the bike for a good cross training & it's fun too! My dh likes to bike & now that my older 2 dd's are both riding well we should be able to do more family bike rides.

Vegan whipped cream in a can sounds yummy!! I'm a big fan of light cool whip or light reddi whip so I'm sure it's similar! In fact, that was just my *dessert*- strawberries w/ vanilla yogurt, Kashi GoLean Crunch (tastes like granola), a few walnuts & a spoonful of cool whip light- yum!!

Have fun if you do go shopping!!

Carole- sounds like a fun experience anyway!! Too bad that she didn't finish but it sounds like brutal conditions!! I can't imagine 117 degrees- yikes!! Enjoy your new running shoes- I'm due for a new pair!

Good morning all!

Carole - sorry to hear you didn't get to run, but considering the circumstances, I'm glad you didn't have to. Sounds like an incredible weekend, though. I know an Ultra marathoner who will go out and run 80 miles for fun (oh, yeah, he's entirely serious about the fun part) - his "short" runs are 25+ miles. Amazing guy and he's in his 50's. So, yeah, they are a breed apart. WOW!

Marcia - great job on the running! You're coming along soo well!

Jess - enjoy your rest day. Still waiting to hear about the Tri you plan on doing *winks*

Mattea - I love nice hikes like that 12 miler you did. They're fun. Have a great day!

Hello to all who follow -- WAKE UP AND GET OUT OF BED!!!! :p Too quiet here today.

I'm doing pretty well today. Legs are a bit tired, but still aren't complaining too much. Did SJP Abs, P90X Chest and Back (last time this rotation :() and the last two step intervals from C&W and the step from SJP. Nice little workout.
Good afternoon,

Mattea sounds like you and DH had a fun weekend. I wish I could tell you I did yoga yesterday, but I did spend about 5 hours walking through Sawgrass Mills (an outlet mall) :).

Carole, your runner looks extremely fit. Is there a 5 minute time limit on aid stops? Did you get to run any of the course? Enjoy breaking in those new shoes! :)

Jess, enjoy your rest day!

Hi Marcia, sounds like you had some great runs. I guess you're back on track with a vengeance }( :).

Hello everyone, and I hope all of you vacationing cheetahs are having fun!

Today was a slow and steady 9 mile run. I got started late, but since it's overcast today, the weather was still nice. DD and DH both have bball games this evening (DH is in a league too) so I'm going to run errands now (I'm planning DHs birthday party), and save cleanmax for tomorrow. I took a break from strengthwork last week so I have to plan my lifting for this week also. I'm leaning towards Cathe rather than P90X.

Hey Jess-
Maybe you could use your workout buddy's pool? Then you could coach, time, watch each other's form etc. and do pool workouts together too:)
I think your dessert sounds heavenly! I love Kashi GoLean Crunch and can no longer keep it in the house on a regular basis for that very reason;-) I'm kidding, but really have you ever just dipped the bigger chunks into peanut butter? It's a thing of beauty!
My health food store sells gourmet chocolates in bulk and they have dark chocolate nuggest that only have 30 cal. and 4 gr. of sugar. These are also vegan and my latest fave as they are pretty good sized and hit the chocolate spot nicely. :9
It's raining so hard I'm thinking we'll need a boat just to get through the parking lots at this point!
Pamela-Ah yes, the zen of shopping, lol! Just add a few minutes of deep breathing exercises as you walk the mall and maybe, maybe this next time the yoga police will let it pass;-)

Christine-I love the workout you did this morning and find it an inspired mish mosh! I wish we had more mountains to climb around here, although I have to admit that DH carried the pack while it was full, before lunch, and I carried it while it was mostly empty so maybe I shouldn't be aiming quite so high just yet:p

Pamela - sounds like you had a great run! Enjoy your day!

Mattea - of course you should aim high! You can always come out here and climb our hills. We'd love to have you! And you'd be surprised at what you could actually carry long distances - and how light it can be. The mish mosh was an attempt to get SOME cardio in after the weights, but only enough to warm up the legs - not fry them. It was perfect and fun - I like those two step routines.
I just finished SuperSets and 40 minutes on the elliptical. Whew....felt great! I put a movie in and the time just flew right by, that is definitely the way to go if you get bored easily.

Have a great night everyone!

OK, so I ended up doing MM on my rest day!! :p I was feeling good this afternoon & couldn't handle not doing anything! ;)

And.... come to find out I've been lifting about 12 lbs more than I realized!!! I've never weighed the empty barbell to know how heavy it was before, I just guessed it was 5 lbs. Well, it was empty & I picked it up & realized it was heavier than 5 lbs so I weighed it. It's 17 lbs!!! (duh- my brother gave it to me & never really thought about it!). Sooo... I've been doing 52 lb squats & 42 lb lunges instead of 40/ 30 lbs!! No wonder my legs were so tired the last time I did it!! :eek: I just love MM, it's one of my fav workouts.

Hope you're all having a great day!! I love how you're all trying to enable me into a tri now!!!! :D Seriously, I'd consider it if I could swim more. I'm not a bad swimmer, just need more practice!

I'm a Kashi addict!! I limit myself though & make myself measure out my cereal (I'm a bit OCD about that anyway) so I usually stick to just 1/3 - 1/2 c. at a time. I love it mixed w/ yogurt, never tried it w/ PB!!! I looove PB too. I love dark chocolate too, I buy the Dove Dark promises & only eat one at a time. Oh, and now Hershey's has an Extra dark chocolate bar w/ macadamia nuts & cranberries- to die for!!

Ok, those probably aren't vegan so sorry!!

Hope the rain stops, we had a little sprinkle earlier but now it's cleared up!

Mattea...I want your RAIN!!!!!!!! And yes, I was not inspired to run 100 miles...for me 50K's are tough enough..:)..Hope you had fun with Imax 3 and shopping with your DH. Your treat sounds good, but alas...I have a salt tooth rather than a sweet tooth!! a way I am glad I didn't have to run either as I would have been wiped out today. Yes Ultra runners are a breed apart and although 25 plus miles is doable to me it is far from a short run! Sounds like a good work. I am just not a fan of C&W at all....I just like the ab section..:)

Jess...the conditions at Western States were indeed brutal, normally about 7% of the runners drop which would have been about 28, So the 188 that did drop explains the brutality of the conditions itself. So far here today its only about 111...:), there are not time limits on aid stations. Through the run there are cutoff times along the way, if you are late you get pulled. No, I didn't run any of the course. Sounds like a good 9 mile run..

I did an 8 mile run with my sister. The shoes felt good. I am having a bit of bunion pain (thanks Mom!!) so finding a shoe with a bigger toebox is good for me! I do want to avoid surgery...I also later did a circuit mish mosh using my Nordic Track and MIS legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs...that was fun and now I need a shower...:)

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