Cheetah Check In Wednesday July 5th


Happy Day after 4th of July Cheetahs!:)

I know, I know....shut up, right!? LOL It's back to work after so many had a long weekend...stinks, doesn't it? :p

I posted my work out from yesterday pretty late last night. It was a kickbox circuit mish mosh that I made up.

Today will be a TM run at the gym. I'm hoping for 3-4 miles. Haven't run more than 2 since before vacation!:eek: Please keep your fingers crossed for me that my mp3 player works REASONABLY well today...haven't had time to get to Target so I'll have to make due with it.

Mattea: Oooh, wedding fun! Actually, it CAN be. I know I had a BLAST planning my own wedding!:)

Marcia: So did you get your run in yesterday? What's on tap for today?

Christine: So did you make your DH do "dog duty" while you hung out with Cathe? :+ :7

Judy: Hope you had a FANTASTIC holiday! How's your hip today?

Jess: So you peed your pants during the race ey? ;) :p :7 That was a funny story. Congrats on your times! Good job!

ShellyC: Great job on your race too girl!

Carole: So were you able to complete the yard work at your mom's yesterday?
Hi Wendy - great to have you back ;-)

I never did get my run in yesterday x( x( x( We just got too busy and I know that's a terrible excuse, but it's the truth. I'm actually happy that the long weekend is over so life can be 'normal' again. I miss that structure after a few days and go stir crazy.

I have 3 miles on tap for today and looking forward to it - completely. I should've gone out this morning, but just couldn't get myself out of bed. We camped in the backyard the night before and man did my back hurt yesterday. So, I couldn't wait to get in my bed last night and just didn't want to move this morning either.

I hope everyone has a great day and workout!

Be back later, Marcia. :+
G'morning Wendy & Marcia!! Yep, I peed my pants!!! Hahaha It was funny, totally looked (and felt) like it though!

I hope you all had a great 4th!! I unfortunately ended up w/ another migraine. I finally took an Imitrex & was feeling almost normal within a half an hour. We went to the fireworks last night & the kids loved it!! I think they'll be sleeping in, they didn't get to bed til after 10 which is late for them!

Went for a short run (1.5 miles) & then an 8.5 mile bike ride w/ my buddies. They both had sore legs from the race y'day (mine felt pretty good though- thanks to Cathe!! ;-) ). Another gorgeous morning, almost a bit chilly on the bikes!!

I might fit in the stability part of PLB in a bit, need to work my legs some more. I'm trying not to do as much squats & legwork because I don't want to wear my legs out. I think I'm getting in plenty of leg work w/ the running/ biking I've been doing!

My IL's are coming down later for a late bday celebration for Allison. So I've got to run to the store & get stuff ready for that- we're just grilling out & hanging out here.

Have a good one!

OK, I did the stability ball parts of PUB & PLB- it's funny how much easier they are if you don't do the pyramids first!! ;-) And then I did 3 sets of manlies (pushups on your toes)- 1 set of 35, then a set of 30, then a set of 25.

Off to shower & get ready for the day now!

Good morning cheetahs

Wendy...sounds like the running class went well the other night! Sometimes watermelon can taste so good!!! great workout yesterday incredible mish mosh! I will keep my fingers crossed for your mp3 player...:)

Marcia...sometimes holiday weekend can get in the way of working out, thankfully they don't last real long!

Christine, hope you had fun with back and biceps! So was it a trail run or 20-20-20?

Judy...I agree, this is a great country..hope your hip is feeling better soon.

Jess...great racing story!! You had an awesome time for that run! Way to go...:)...Sorry about the migraine last night, glad it went away. It is true that PUB abs are easier without frying the upper body first!! Good workout!!! You are really kicking some butt on those trail races, 4th woman overall!! Congrats...

Mattea...your muddy trail escapade sounds fun!! Luckily your DH was there to narrate!! How funny. I like to venture out like that and try something new!

I didn't get in 10 miles I started working on our own drip system and it got too I only did 4...:(..But we did get alot done at my Mom's. I have 3 older sisters and the oldest one usually is lazy and bows out of these work parties. But the rest of us showed and got alot done as my Mom has 2.5 acres, so we still have some more to do but yesterday was a good day!!

Today is CTX shoulders, bi's and tri's some abs and 5 or 6 miles...

Have a great day...:)
Carole- It is nice to know that (most) of your family was there to help out your Mom. My DH & I try to get our kids to do the same. DH went to plant Grandmas flowers in May.

Jes- I enjoyed hearing about your little Allison's birthday celebrations, and you race issues! I have a bladder issue on long runs because I hydrate before I run ( not to mention the 4 pregnancies). Carrying a water supply along annoys me.

Shelly- Way to Go!!!

Mattea- Did you ride home in a car with all that mud!!!??? I'm sure it was fun except for the clean up part.

Marcia- I'm ready for routine again too after a week's vacation and the 4th!! I was happy to have my 'regular smoothie' today!!!

Wendy- How is the Mp3 holding up? More importantly how did you hold up on the 4 mile TM run?

I am avoiding sitting unnecessarily, so I am standing at my computer this morning. I don't plan on being here long. Perhaps stanidng will help to be more time efficient. *wink*

Today I did a 5.5mile run, intense abs on my own and a loof stretch on my own. I have bee nconversing with Barb about hip issues and wshe is providing me with some suggestions.

Judy "Likes2bfit"

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
Good morning to all of Cathe's Cheetahs! What a great inspiring group :7 :7

I'm back from a wonderful 5 mile run. I call it my mailbox run cuz that's how long it is to run from my house to our neighborhood mailboxes and back. Obviously I live in a very spread out community! Later I'll do some kickboxing and ab work.

Hey Judy- I'm so sorry your hip is still bothering you! Not to be a naysaying nag....but shouldn't you be laying off the running for a bit? Just speaking out of loving concern ;-)

Wendy- I am so impressed with your kickboxing mish mosh. I love kickboxing so I printed that one out and will definitely give it a try. I did weights yesterday so it'll have to wait a bit. I hope your MP3 player holds out and you have a good TM run today!

Marcia- good luck on your 3 miler today. You camped out in your backyard? You must live in a very nice area! How nice for you :)

Jess- You are one tough bikerbabe! And to accomplish the PLB stability ball section afterwards....:eek: :eek: When I do PUB I always stop it after the pyramids section and do the ab section much later,
otherwise, fuggetaboutit!!!

Carole- I think that is so cool your family gets together to help your Mom out with the yard work :) :) Sounds like ALOT of tough work, too bad you have a family slacker...there's always one! Have a great time on your 5 miler today.

Hey Mattea- our mudrunning cheetah!! How ya doin?

Hello to all who follow, have great workouts/runs today!

Hey everyone.

No time for personals at this moment but I just wanted to check in with my work out. I completed a 3 mile run, upping my speed with every mile.

Mile 1 @ 5.5
Mile 2 @ 5.7
Mile 3 @ 5.9 for .80 and 6.1 for .20

I'm happy and will shoot for a 4 miler next week. :)

Ofcourse my MP3 player gave me NO TROUBLE AT ALL today! WTH!?!

Off to shower and be constructive!
Woohoo Wendy!! WTG :7 :7

Just thought I'd share something a little funny with you. As I told you on my last post I went on my mailbox run and brought back the local paper. Well, they had a story about yesterdays 10k race and I was mentioned (I came in 4th overall) Anyway, my last name is Cardone but they had me listed as Shelly Carpine!!!! How about that! My one tiny claim to fame and they so butcher my name no one can tell it's me x( x( LOL

Thought y'all might find that amusing!


Shelly Cardone (I think) ;-)
Good morning all!

I feel a little sheepish after saying that I was going to do this fabulous workout yesterday, then I ended up not doing any of it!! Oh well, I think I needed the rest day. My legs were okay but tired. So today I did P90X Back and Biceps, CTX Power Circuits (that's fun - I always forget how fun it really is) and MIS abs.

3 more days of work. It's kind of weird, but I'm so looking forward to it!!

Wendy - well, the dogs got to hang out with DH while he washed the cars. He even waxed the Mini - it looks good! But they enjoyed it. Tuck wasn't feeling 100% either, so it's just as well. And I LOVE your mish mosh! I'll have to try it some time!

Marcia - I know what you mean about structure! I'm actually planning on continuing my workouts early in the morning (DH is up at 5:30 every morning, so I'll get up with him) while I'm off so I don't lose that structure. It gets WAY too easy to say, "Oh, I'll do that later, and never get to it!"

Jess - sounds like you had a good fourth! We didn't see fireworks, but the kids did (with friends) so that was fine.

Carole - niether 20-20-20 or a trail run! I made it my rest day. :) Sounds like you got a good workout anyway by doing the yard work!

Judy - hope the hip feels better soon! I'm sending healing vibes your way...

Shelly - Oh, I would be so frustrated!! By way to go on the 4th overall placement! And you call yourself Granny Cheetah!! Holy cow - I hope I can run as fast as you do some day!!! :)

Well, off to pretend I'm working... Enjoy!
Good Afternoon Lovely Lady Cheetahs!

Wendy-Great TM workout! Fickle little beastie of an MP3 player, have you tried looking online for troubleshooting w/ the particular brand? I loved the circuit mish mosh you put together yesteday! It inspired me to try one of A-jock's mish moshes this morning}( I'm just trying to stay as uninvolved w/ the wedding plans as possible, lol:) I just smile and nod to SIL and MIL b/c our ideas are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but I also had an amazing time planning my own wedding and MIL hated every minute of it:eek: She actually threw us another reception the next day b/c she couldn't stand how we put together the first one}(

Marcia-Hope the back feels so much better and you have an awesome 3 miles today! I know, sometimes I feel like a slave to routine and sometimes I cling to it, lol:p

Jess-Have a great time w/ the inlaws(I'm imagining it, really I am;-) ) I know what you mean about PUB/PLB I almost always do the abs first b/c I try to go so heavy on upper body that my arms do NOT want to hold the planks at the end:7 Hope the migraines stay at bay! I did the exact same push up pyramid yesterday! What a weird cheetah mind meld, lol:D

Carole-Yes, there wasn't a bored second on our run yesterday, I was way too busy watching where I was going and sliding, splashing, and sloshing:7 Of course, now that DH knows I like it, he's starting to plan a few others, oh boy... I can't imagine that your mother's yard stood much of a chance w/ 3 versions of Super Carole attacking it;-)

Judy-I try to get DH to carry my water on long runs, lol b/c I get pretty annoyed having to carry anything as well. We keep wet wipes in our car so we used those to scrub off the worst of the mud on the backs of our legs and then turned the top layer of clothes inside out, so no clean up in the car, just a LONG shower! Here's healing vibes for the hip!

Shelly-That's terrible about the name mix-up!!! I would be so disappointed, but we know how awesome you did and you know how awesome you did, and everyone at the race knows how awesome you did, and at least you didn't pee your pants (Sorry Jess I couldn't resist, lol!) I'm a clean cheetah this morning and DH and I are going swimming later so I'll be squeaky clean!

Inspired by Wendy's killer mishmosh I tried one of A-jock's this morning and it was just what the legs needed to flush out all the lactic acid from GS Legs and the trail run yesterday:
Circuit Max W/U through hi/lo (FF through first resistance cycle)
KPC Hi Intensity Drills (after the warm-up)
KM Blasts
BC Cardio Only premix
Then I added on CTX Kickbox Planks and CM#2 and KM Stretch.

This one is wicked}( !
Have a great day!

Posting at the same time again Christine! Hey, when you need a rest day, you need one, especially if it's a lead legs day, lol. I also love Power Circuit it moves SO fast! So what, besides the belly dancing, do you have planned for your upcoming free time?
Mattea - you know what they say about great minds... ;-). Can you believe I ordered that stuff from Amazon on Friday and it was on my doorstep on Monday? I about fell over! Haven't tried the Belly Dancing tape yet, but I did read SnowFlower and the Secret Fan and I'm in the middle of reading Beyond the Sky and the Earth and highly recommend both books. Beyond the Sky and the Earth is a true story about the adventures of a Canadian woman who went to teach in a tiny remote village in the Himalayas. She's a joy to read because she does see things with a great sense of humor, and she understands the culture without being put off by it. I see similarities between this country and India, and have to laugh at some of my experiences in India. Especially the lack of sense of urgency for ANYTHING. I'm really enjoying it.

But I digress - my plans for when I'm off? Take the kids to Great America (an amusement park). Take them to the zoo (I have an animal lover in my DD13), swim, play, experiment in the kitchen. Do spring house cleaning... Just do the things that we all would do if we had more time.
Mattea: I've never done an AJ mish mosh...they SCARE me!}( :eek: }( I've never looked into trouble shooting for my player. I guess I will do that and see if it helps before I go back to Target. Thanks for the idea.

Christine: Sounds like you have a fun summer planned. Good for you, girl! When you go back to work you'll be so refreshed!:+
Hi Cheetahs,
I'm so sorry to be MIA for so long and I'm probably going to be for a few more days. Hectic lifemax.

I've been doing my workouts -- doing more swimming because I had a very minor muscle pull in the front of my quad from a lunge, I think on Saturday. But I'm playing it really safe and have taken off a few days of running.

But for a challenge, I did a big swim on Sunday (LOL) instead of my long run, which was really a refreshing change of pace. I swam for a humbling 90 minutes...I had one of my kids write me a workout from one of their swim practices. It was really a blast and I went to a city pool that is 50-meters and it was fun to follow the workout plan.

Did LowMax on Monday and MM legs and then on Tuesday did P90x Chest, Shoulder & Triceps, Ab Ripper and back to swim, but for my normal pace and distance...Today I did Kick and Punch Combos from KPC and L& G the whole tape.

I'm doing a little home rehab here, trying to beef up all the areas around that minor, but it's there, muscle pull. I'm doing some band-leg exercises and stretching. I'm pain free today, so I might try running again tomorrow or take another break. I will probably push myself to be pain-free for 48-hours before returning to even an easy run.

No time for personals. x( But congrats to all the racers. (Shelly -- amazing, amazing times on those races on your vacation!) and good luck vibes are building for Carole's upcoming race and the Sonoma crew. It's only 10 days away (I think??) !!!

More when life settles down for me around here. Hugs to everyone. I miss chatting and think about all you Cheetahs even when I'm not posting!
:) :) :)
Hey all - I'm FINALLY feeling better. Did get in my 3 miles today, but they were rough. I have taken a three day break and I'm afraid that was too much. I'm planning on a strength workout tomorrow and 7 miles on Friday - UGH!!! BOY, I'm not sure if that's such a good idea, what do you all think? I suppose if worse came to worse I could walk a little ways, too. I just know that I won't have time this weekend to get in the long run so it's Friday or nothing. (I'm playing in a golf tourney).

I've "officially" gone back to CORE on WW so I'm busy looking through recipes, etc. to "plan" meals and get ready to eat clean for good. I was tackling with the idea of Flex or Core and decided it was time to give CORE a 100% try. I know some of you have had great success with it and I thank you for your emails and encouragement - it helped make my decision easier. :)

Have a great night everyone!


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