Cheetah Check-In, Thurs. July 6th

Good morning everyone:

Another beautiful day in southern Minnesota. Mid-80's, sunny, but the humidity is creeping it's way back little by little. By the time my golf tourney starts on Saturday it's going to be mid-90's, sunny and humid. Whew.....

Today is a rest day so I can tackle that 7 miler tomorrow. I'm nervous about going that distance, but like I said yesterday I can always walk a little if absolutely necessary.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Good morning, Marcia!! I'm sure you'll do great for your 7 miler! Will this be your longest run yet? (sorry, can't remember!) Make sure to eat something before your run & drink plenty of water & you'll be fine!

5 mile run for me this morning. It was actually chilly, about 57 degrees this morning!! Felt great though!

My dd Allison was running a temp & crying last night & holding her ear so I'm thinking we'll be making a trip to the Dr. Probably an ear infection. Thankfully she slept through the night after some Motrin & ear drops so we'll see how she feels when she wakes up. We had a nice time w/ the IL's- I'm blessed w/ wonderful IL's so it's never any trouble (sorry to those of you w/ MIL issues!!). Allison got a new pretty dress & Princess sandals (she loooves shoes) along w/ a viewfinder w/ discs so she was excited.

12 miles scheduled for Sat & my friend Erin won't be able to run w/ me so I'll be doing it solo. This will be my longest solo run!! (although I'll take Mikey the dog w/ me!) Edited to add that my longest run to date is 14 miles, but I've always run w/ someone else!

Have a great Thursday!

Hi Jess:

Yes, this is my longest so far with this training. Thanks for the tips and encouragement, I'm going to need it. ;-)

I sure hope your dd is feeling better today, there is nothing worse than a sick child.

12 miles - WOW - that seems unreachable to me at this point, but in a few weeks I'll be there. :)

Have a great run!
Yep, you can do it. I know, I never thought I'd think that a 12 miler wasn't so bad either!! My longest run before I trained for the half marathon last year was 8 miles, so you can do it!! Are you training for a half??? I love the half marathon distance, I was going to do one in Sept but it's cancelled now!!! None of the other ones will work w/ our marathon training plan.

Also, good luck w/ CORE on WW. I've heard good things about it.

Good morning cheetahs

Marcia...hope the humidity doesn't get real bad...Good Luck tomorrow on the 7 miler, and no walking breaks are good when you are increasing your distance.

Jess...I hope Allison feels better today. Wow...12 miles...I bet you will do fine solo, you are ready...:)

Judy...yes it was nice most of the family was there...:) oldest sis has always been a slacker...I am happy Barb can help you with your hip issues! So, it doesn't hurt when you run?

Shelly...Sounds like a good run! Yes you do seem to live in a spread out community, my mailbox is only about .30 (about 3 tenths of a mile) from my house...:)...the run finally felt good today, my lack of sleep is keeping me tired. I hope to catch up soon...:)..Funny story about your name being butchered. I ran a half years ago and they spelled my last name wrong. I had a friend though that always called me by the mispelled name!!

Christine...don't feel bad, I have done the same thing about saying what workout I was going to do and then not! I do think I was sore from the yard work!! All that squatting and picking up the leaves...:)

Mattea..way to go with A-Jocks mish mosh!!! Those things are killers. So DH is planning more trail runs...:)...Yes, we did pretty good with the yard work. I even saw my Mom's neighbor walking in my Dad's azalea garden checking it out yesterday as I ran by...:)

Barb...sorry about the sore quad, but you are smart to take a few days off running. Hope it gets better real soon....thanks for the well wishes and we have missed you here too...:)

I'll be doing an endurance leg workout, CTX chest & back and a 5 mile run.

Have a great day...:)
Good morning everyone,

Thank you so much for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. My hat is off to all of you single moms. I don't know how you do it and still find time for yourself. DH has been gone a week, and I'm counting down the hours until he returns tomorrow! :)

Just a quick hello right now since I haven't kept up with the checkin this week. Uh oh, my son is up now so this will be even quicker than I oriinally planned :).

Marcia, good luck with your 7 miler tomorrow!

Jess, glad your dd was able to sleep. Hope she's better soon. I have great in-laws too. I'm so thankful we all get along so well. I do know people who aren't as fortunate.

Carole, I hope you enjoy your workout today. I'm doing 5 miles also. My race is Sunday so today is my last day of speedwork, and I think it's also the last run on my training schedule.

Hi Mattea, Wendy, Judy, Shelly, Thomasina, Gayle, Christine, Elaine, Karen (How's your knee?), Laura and Sarah!

Have a great Thursday!
Good Morning Ladies!:)

Marcia, 7 miles...YOU GO GIRL! Let me know how you do! What's the farthest you've run so far?

Jess, Hope your DD feels better fast! Have fun with that 12 miles!}(

Carole and Christine, I constantly have a plan to do a certain work out and then change it!:7

Pamela, I hope you survive until your hubby returns!;)

So today calls for cardio and weights, no running. I had hoped to be able to do them separately but time is not on my side today so I will have to do a circuit.

Have a great day!
Good morning all! I was planning on a 3 mile trail run but couldn't get myself out the door (one of those days :( ) I haven't used the TM for > 3 wks and have been laying off speedwork so I think I'll ease back into it and go for a 40 min tempo run. I'll follow it with some HSTA. Tomorrow I won't be checking in til late. I'm getting up very early to take a trip to Phoenix with some friends.

We are all taking an intro to Motorcycling class! If I like it I'll sign up for the basic 3 day course later this month and get my license. It takes me 30 minutes to get to the closest store or to my work and gas is just so comes Shelly, the motorcycling Cheetah!

Christine- I'm so envious reading about your summer plans! It should be very rejuvenating I would think.

Mattea- good job on that hard mish mosh. I remember doing that one!

Barb- great to hear from you!! Sorry about your muscle pull. You sound like your treating it very wisely!

Marcia- It's great you're feeling better. Don't be intimidated by the 7 miles. Just get yourself out the door and take it one mile at a time, walking when you really need to. I don't think your break was too long at all. You'll quickly get back to the level you were at!

Jess- A run in 57 degree weather sounds nice! I always run well when the temp is just slightly chilly. Sorry to hear your little cutie pie Allison has an ear problem. Hope she's better soon!
Good luck on your 12 mile solo run. It'll be a good time for reflection (think of it that way) Due to my circumstances, all of my runs are solo. I have friends I do things with but none are into running ;(

Carole- I shudder to think what you consider to be an endurance leg workout!!:eek: :eek: Have a great 5 mile run today and hope you catch up on your sleep!!!

Pamela- How nice to hear from you!!! I checked my race list and I believe this is your first 5k on July 9th!!! I love reading people's report of their first race. It will be an amazing experience for you I have no doubt!

Time to get my fanny in gear! Hi to all who follow!

Hi Wendy, we were posting at the same time.... I absolutely LOVE doing circuits. The time just flies for me! Have a great one!

hello everyone,
I have been MIA for about a week now. I have been on vacation and just needed time off from everything,including running. I was still feeling tired with my runs last week so I decided to take a week off. I had alot happen in that week. Yesterday I had to take my oldest dog and have her put to sleep. She had a stroke,I think yesterday morning and looked aweful, so I made the decision to have her put to sleep. she had been having other problems for about a yr or so now. I thought because she was older it would be easier for me but I have sobbed like a baby since. It was so hard for me yesterday. I thought she was going to die on her own the way she was acting so I sat there with her petting her ,telling her it was okay. She was such a good dog,with my kids and everyone. My husband of course says , she was just a dog. He just doesnt understand why I am still crying over her. I woke up this morning and it seemed so empty without her. My other dog was just laying around,looking lost, like where is she at. anyway, sorry for being so long winded, I finally ended up taking a run this morning with my friend marci. I only ran a little over 3 1/2miles because that is when I started feeling tired,so I listened to my body. I ran it under 10min miles though. I havent ever took a week off but thought from feeling tired since the half maybe my body was telling me I needed to. I felt better running today so I think that is what I needed to do. I just feel like I am being lazy and of course you feel fat when you dont workout for that long. I was going to do a race this weekend and after taking a week off I decided it wouldnt be a good idea, I have a race next weekend, so I will wait for that one. Other than being very sad about my dog, I am feeling more like myself again, physically that is. Dreading going back to work on monday. I have enjoyed not having to go anywhere this week. I have gotten alot done around my house. well anyway, talk with everyone later!!!
Good Morning Cheetahs!

Laura - I am SO sorry to hear about your dog! I know I will bawl for days when my running buddy goes. They are never "just a dog". They are the ones who love us whole heartedly with no restrictions, and who keep us company through so many years. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Marcia - go get 'em girl! 7 Miles!!! Let us know how it goes!

Jess - I hope Allison's feeling better soon! My DD always gets swimmer's ear in the pool. I have to use wax softening drops every time she swims or it's ear infection time. I hope it's something simple like that.

Carole - Oh, I know what you mean about all that squatting! I had a temp job at Bloomie's one year at Christmas handing out boxes. To get them I had to squat down, and by the end of the second day I could barely move! Even when you're used to squatting...

Pamela - My DH travels too, and I'm with you! I never realized how much of the little stuff he does around the house. When he's gone, I'm so busy it's not even funny. Glad your DH is coming home soon!

Wendy - oh have fun with your circuits! I, too, love circuits, and am looking forward to completing my P90X Rotation to be able to add them back in!

Shelly - One of those days eh? Must be something in the air. I had such a tough time getting my butt off the sofa this morning!

Well, I had a nice little argument with myself this morning. I did not want to work out. Not sore or anything, just kind of tired and a bit depressed about the job, even though I'm mostly happy (yeah, I know - I'm weird). So, I pulled out Old Faithful - the one video that I know I will start and complete no matter what - IMax 2. Followed that with some Belly Dancing. Now that was interesting. It's an instructional tape - by Jillian (I didn't want a cardio tape as I figured it would be a waste). I will need to do that upstairs in the bedroom (door locked, bolted and chained) in front of the mirrors, to make sure I'm doing it right. For some reason I don't look quite as sensuous as Jillian in the video when I do some of the moves ... :+ But I think I'll enjoy it. She shows techniques, then goes through some combo's (got through the first before I realized I should practice the techniques more before moving on) and then there's a complete dance. She moves pretty quickly, but as it's an instructional video, I'm figuring that I will be stopping and rewinding a lot. I wonder how DH will like it when I show him the finished product... :p
Hello all! Remember me? LOL Been MIA for about 10 days, just taking life one day at a time recently. With both kids home from school, what little time I already had for ME is now down to NILL! Those 10 days were REALLY productive here at, organizing, throwing out, decluttering, etc. Lots of projects. BUT....those 10 days were hazardous to my eating and my workouts. As a result, my weight is up and I missed a bunch of workouts. back int he saddle last night and started fresh today.

I hit the YMCA with younger DS this AM...3+ miles on the elliptical, then chest and bicep weight work. Then I took DS into the pool and swam with him for over an hour. Feels good to be back in control on my body!

I've missed you guys! Thought about posting, but simply couldn't find the time nor the inclination to make my way to the computer.

As for the chat about long runs....this Saturday is scheduled to be 8, but I could be running up to 11 miles. I'm meeting with the team, and they are up to 11 I think, so I may put in those miles with them at their pace. We'll see.

YOU LADIES ROCK! Have I missed anything BIG????????

Hi again, it is so nice to hear from Gayle and Laura that I couldn't resist a quick post. :)

Laura- I'm so sorry about your dog. To alot of people (myself included) losing a dog is like losing any family member. The unconditional love they provide makes them so special. Running is good therapy right now! It really sounded like you needed to take some time off and I think you will be stronger and faster for it in the long run!

Gayle- So great to hear you're doing well and continuing with the training for MCM!!! Have fun with your long run this weekend!

Christine- Will we be seeing any bellydancing pics?

Howdy cheetahs!

Real busy at work today and after work I have another fun filled evening of Freshman football, chores, watering, etc. DH has to wake at 2:30 a.m to get to a job he’s running that is almost a 2 hour drive away, so I have taken over a bit more of the summer watering etc. Anyhoo, I overslept in a big way today so I am going to figure out a way to include atleast 30 min of cardio with my long list of activity for after work. Wish me luck! No time for personals today except ….

I do want to send a huge HUG TO LAURA! Some people just don’t get it that our beloved pets are never just a dog. You handled the situation with much love and bravery. My heart goes out to you and I pray you will find peace and healing. Please take care.

Hello to everyone else and I’ll try to check in later or tomorrow!

Laura-I am so sorry to hear about your dog! I lost me childhood dog last summer (just about this time) and it was SO tough! Giant {{{{HUGS}}}}. It is very good to hear from you though!

Gayle-Long time no post lady cheetah! Glad you are enjoying the time with your family so much. I know what you mean about the eating troubles, my parents have so much food around that DH and I never even have in the apartment (so as not to be tempted). I forgot how much I just like crackers! Ugh... But I made a huge batch of bbq veggies burgers and froze them today so that should help for quick dinner and lunch fixes.

Barb-So nice to see you around as well. Healing vibes for the quad muscle although sounds like you are just about there!

Absolutely no time for posting today:-( Because DH had a job interview today:) :7 :D :) :D :+ He was called in yesterday and met with the principal, the head of the English Dept., and the head guidance counselor today at noon--and get this--it was at our old alma mater for high school, lol:) We are actually high school sweethearts (holding for the 'awww's';-) ). It went pretty well, but of course you never really know. We should hear sometime next week so keep your fine and strong cheetah legs, fingers, and toes crossed:7 Did Step Works today, was supposed to do the step from MIC, but it's really one of my least favorites (so many flippin' sashay repeaters!). This long step session was just what I needed. I'm pushing bi's and tri's to tomorrow before DH and I go to see Pirates of the Caribbean and go shoe shopping for the wedding!

Have a great evening!

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