Cheetah Check In Saturday 7/8


Roar Cheetahs, Roar! :7 :7 :7

Good morning ladies.

Christine...How does it feel to not have to report back to work come Monday? Must feel wierd. I know it was a bizarre feeling for me when I left on maternity leave knowing I was not going back.

Laura...I missed the post about your dog some how. I'm sorry for your loss. I have been there with a dog and a cat so I know how tough it is. ;(

Carole...When is it that you leave for Reno??

So today I was supposed to get up early and go for an outdoor run. HAH! I did NOT get up early so who knows what will happen now! I'll check the weather but if it's too hot, I'm not going!:p

I have a birthday party to go to this afternoon....what is everyone else doing?
Roaring back at ya!!

I got in my 12 miles- yeah!!! It was a great run, fabulous weather (low 60's when we started). Very hilly run too! I did run w/ Justin & it was lots of fun. His 5yo is coming over to play in a little bit, we swap kids a lot because they're best friends (they have 7 & 5yo dd's also). We just kept a training pace- my goal was to stay between 9:45- 10 min miles & averaged 9:42 so I was happy w/ that. Finished in a little over 1:56. Feeling good about getting in my 12 miles now!!

Not too much going on, might take the kids to the pool. Then we have a cookout/ fireworks thing to go to tonight at my dh's best friends property. The kids will have lots of fun too, they have 4 girls & we have 3, so they all love to play together!

Must go stretch more now, stretched out some but I've found that if I stretch out, rest, then stretch some more it helps a LOT!

I made a protein smoothie after my run- yum!

Have a great Saturday!!

RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Good morning cheetahs

Wendy...not much of a gambler at all. But....with these ladies I am going with I am sure we will be gambling!! I will be leaving for Reno in about 2 hours!!!

Christine..I'll try and take some pics of the mountains for you!! Cute story about your DH's B-day....but 2 B-Days a year can make you old fast!...

Jess...poor Allison, I hope she gets well quick! Running with guys can get you fast. I used to run on occasion with my Pastor and he kicked my butt!!! Have a great 12 miler! Thanks too...I plan on having a great weekend! Wow!! Good job on the 12 miler!!!

Marcia...GREAT job on the 7 miles!!!!!

Laura...I do think other dogs miss the dogs that go too. I am glad he has you for company and walks!

Karen...we have missed you! Sounds like life is way busy...thanks for checking in..:)

I'll check back in Sunday when I get back....Have a great weekend cheetahs...:)
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Hey to all the rip roaring Cheetahs!!!

Have FUN Carole!!! Reno is great. I'm not a gambler either, but it's fun to watch.

Jess - Hope Allison is feeling better soon. And YES - GREAT JOB on the 12 miles!

Wendy - right now it feels good. My biggest decision is whether I'm going to take DD13 to the zoo on Monday or Tuesday. :+ (And of COURSE we'll see the cheetahs!!) No customers yelling at me for delayed shipments... YIPEEE!!! It will feel different on Monday, I know. Especially when I get up at 5:30, and after I work out stare blankly at the tv and think, "Now what do I do?"

Laura - yeah, I'm certain dogs do miss each other. I'm glad he has such a wonderful understanding person like you to be there for him.

Well, I have Legs and Back on the agenda for today. And probably a 5 mile run. A week from tomorrow is the big run. So ladies - where are we all meeting?
RE: Roaring back at ya!!


Jes- you did 12 miles! fantastic!!! Is Allison feeling better?

Carole- Enjoy Reno!

Wendy- Perhaps you will get the run in before the birthday party?

Laura- I missed your dog issue. But It sould like you need hugs! so (((hugs))) to you and your dog :)

Christine-Next week is the Big Run? Where and how far are you running? I didn't keep the info. about who was racing at what times. Any way best of luck to you!!!

Next Friday and Saturday are our moving days! I will take Saturday and Sunday off to unpack. But on Friday I will do a run if time permits early morning!

Today was a 5 mile kind of interval run. I tried to increase spped on the 3 gentle hills and did well with it. My friend ran with me who is 5 inches taller and much faster. I tried to keep pace with her and did until the last 0.3 mile. Then we went inside and I convinced her to do some yoga!

"Hi!" to Marcia, Gayle, Mattea, Barb, and Shelly and any other Cheetahs I inadvertantly missed!!

Judy "Likes2bfit"

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Good morning Cheetahbabes!!! I'm heading out soon for a 10 mile hilly run. I went to Phoenix yesterday with some friends for an introduction to motorcycling class. Hopefully by August I'll be a motorcyle mama! :) :*

GAYLE:7 :7 :7 :7 You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read your post from yesterday. Hopefully you'll check in today and see my reply here. As most of you know I live in Arizona, about 90 minutes north of Phoenix in the high country. Anyway, the marathon you commited to is the PFChangs RocknRoll Marathon on Jan. 14th, 2007. I have already signed up for this as well!! In fact, it will be my first :eek: :eek: :eek:. It would be so great to be able to meet up with you :) If you need help at all with lodging, direction, info, etc.. I'm here for ya! Phoenix is WONDERFUL in the winter. The race is a fast, flat Boston qualifier. Absolutely ideal racing conditions. Here is a link to the race web site for any of you other cheetahs who may be interested.
There is also a half marathon.

Wendy- I hope you get out for an outdoor run today. You'll feel much better if you do. Most of the struggle is just getting out the door and getting started. The rest is easy! Have a great time at your party today!

Jess- great job on your 12-miler today. :) :)

Carole- Have a great time in Reno!

Christine, the new lady of leisure! I'm pretty sure what you'll be thinking when you visit with the cheetahs at the zoo! I hope you'll be posting some pics of the Sonoma HM race!!

Gotta go for now- time to run. I should be able to check in later.


RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Judy - the run in the Wine Country Half Marathon. AmyG, Thomasina and Elaine are going to the run the Half. I'm a chicken and decided to reassign myself to the 10K. :) I'm excited to meet everyone. And the run should be nice, although I hope the heat wave we're having breaks by then!! Last time I was in Napa it was 104 degrees - that's way to hot to run in!

Well I just got a wild hair. Lost my job, and what do I do? I order Slow and Heavy and Cardio Hits. Figured it would give me something to do when I'm stuck at home. LOL.
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Hi, Feela Cheetahs! It feels SOOOOOOOO good to be back into action and running once again! YEAH!!!!!

Shelly-Yes, PF Chang's it IS, baby!!!!!!! I'm so psyched! I will let you know if I need any help with the extras, but BE SURE that we WILL MEET! That's exciting! I am pretty sure I'm going to do this one as a fundraiser too, but I'll be travelling alone, most likely, since the finances aren't there to take the kids....but things change! OH! Now I'm really excited! DFiance's dad and sisters live in Gilbert, AZ, so I'll have to check where that is in relation to the event! COOL!!!!!!

Christine-I think I missed something. What is up with the life of leisure? I was MIA for over a week, so I missed SOMETHING!

Jess-GREAT JOB on your 12 miler! Doesn't it feel like such an accomplishment???

HI, to everybody else!!!!!!

This morning, I met my tream at 6am at our usual training grounds and did the 10 mile long run. Too slow, in my opinion, because the other runners who are also training are beginning runners and a tad slower than me. I think I will have to do something about that. I just feel bad if I leave everybody else and run alone (the gal I carpool with is a friend of mine in my town, so I run with her, and everybody else also splits up into groups according to training pace and stuff, so I SHOULDN'T feel bad about keeping my own pace, right?)! ANYWAY! 10 miles under my belt....GORGEOUS day for it as well!

OK. Enough rambling. I'm busy making a big batch of homemade veggie bean burgers to stock my freezer! YUMMY!


RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Well run for me. I stuck my head outside around 9-9:30 this morning and although it seemed that there was a cool breeze, it wasn't steady and the sun was STRONG and HOT so I opted out of the run.

I ended up taking it neck felt better so I did a homemade circuit using my rebounder. Basically I alternated 4 mins of running on the rebounder with weight work briefly touching on every body part. It took about 45 mins and gave me a total of 20 mins of light cardio.

I intend to try again for that outdoor run tomorrow!:) Maybe this time I should set myself an alarm!;)

Well, it's after 12 and we are supposed to be TRYING to leave the house by 1pm! HAH HAH! Like that's really going to happen!:p I should try my best to get us out of here asap though so I gotta get a move-on.

Sorry, no time for personals but have a great day ladies!:*
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Hey there Gayle! Gilbert is in the Phoenix Metro area. In fact I was there yesterday for my motorcycle class. So if you have contacts there who can put you up you'll be fine! I think that is so great you're doing it as a fundraiser also! Count me in as being way psyched also!! Maybe some other cheetahs will want to travel to beautiful Arizona. This race has a live band every mile and several cheerleading squads as well. Plus TV coverage and absolutely tremendous crowd support. It's supposed to be a blast.


Shelly :7
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Hey All -

Ended up doing Leaner Legs and taking a 5 mile hike. We were going to run most of it, but we took the dogs, and little Miss Kimo was going slow, so a five mile hike took us almost 2 hours. It really is the end of her hiking days, poor little doggie. She did okay, but it was slow. I figure I'll take her with me when I take DD13 hiking. That will work well, and Kimo will get hikes in.

Gayle - my job was reassigned to Alabama and as I chose to remain with DH and stay in California I am now without work. I am taking a full month off before looking. I'm also thinking of different things. Sounds like you and Shelly will have a blast in Phoenix. I'm so tempted. Is there a half or even a 10k to run? SFO to Phoenix is nothing.

Shelly - looks like we posted at the same time! Motorcycles eh? Just be careful and have fun.
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Christine- Yes!!! There is also a half marathon!!!!COME :7 :7 :7

ps- I will be using my motorcycle strictly on local roads and yes I will be extremely careful!!!!
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Oh, know that Shelly and I will ENBALE you till you agree to come to AZ!!!!! LOL Great hike, by the way!

Shelly...speaking of motorcycles. The boys and I were in the house when we started hearing cycles drive down the road...I looked out and there were 100's of motorcycles going down our road. We sat on my front yard and they beeped, waved, cheered, gave us the Peace sign. LOL. HUNDREDS! LOL It was real cool!


p.s. Guess I'll sign the papers officially next week for PF Chang's, hugh? LOL
RE: Roaring back at ya!!

Hi Cheetahs! I'm not at all a regular over here in the check-in, but hey. It's Catheland!! :)

I ran my 10 miles yesterday afternoon and I don't think I'll be able to get in much more running before next weekend's half. Yikes!!! I'm kind of amazed at how differently I've "trained" for this one compared to my last half in 2003. Gee thanks Christine for "suckering" me into this one!!! :p :p :p

I ran the 10 on a *gag* treadmill because it was 2pm and the community center I ran at has air conditioning. I was miserable just looking out the window!! But, whatever. It's done! I think maybe by tomorrow my feet will have shrunk down to normal size again... I took an ice bath right afterwards (the center is 2 blocks away from my house!) but then went right out to lead the evening bootcamp, so I was on my feet for another hour and a half. Oh well! :7

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend in Napa!! And the 7am start time should make it cool enough to run. At least that's what DH says! But he's not a runner, so we'll just have to see.

In any case, I'm glad to see everyone out and running about! Keep up the great work!!!!

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