Checking in

I hit a different button so hopefully I am posting in the right place....if not please forgive me=)
I did better but not great.

Sunday-Step heat
Monday-Tae Bo advanced #2 30 mins
Wednesday-put ankle weights on and did toning
Thursday-step portion of Get in shape for your wedding
Friday-Mega Step Blast



New Member
Hi Michelle! Do you remember me from the firm minilist? How is your little one? Sounds like you are really getting in some great workouts! You must be back to your prepregnancy shape by now. Ready for a bikini yet? ;) I'm still working out like a feind, but still have weight to lose. :( I'll get there though. I've made big strides in strength and cardio fitness since incorporating Cathe's tapes. They are killer!

Good to see your name again!
Hi Victoria

As you see stupid me posted in the wrong section ....he he
YES I remember you! NO I am not ready for a bikini...I am really am trying hard to workout...somedays are better than others. My daughter is great although sick right now she got a bad ear infection and her eardrum ruptured=( I really am using Cathe tapes to blast this fat right off my body=) Please feel free to email me=) MichelleP

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