Checkin 4-13-02


Hello again everyone! Boy these weeks just seem to fly by and I never seem to accomplish what I set out to do at the first of the week! In spite of that my week went fairly well. My strength workouts at the gym are still going well and I feel that I am getting a little stronger. We have certainly had our share of sickness this season. My brother was sent home from work with the flu, my son was sick (only on Thursday, thank goodness) and now I have something else. It seems to be allergies but I sure feel lousy. Runny eyes, burning throat and chest, sneezing and coughing and just generally feel tired and lethargic. Didn't I just say my week went fairly well. Maybe I need to think again. LOL! It's getting really weird though. My family members and I have been sick 2 to 3 times in the last month. Oh well, enough complaining....doesn't help the situation any, right?

MONDAY: Total Body at the gym
15 minute stretch

TUESDAY: CIA 2206 Really liked Phillip!
15 minute stretch

WEDNESDAY: Lower body at the gym
15 minute stretch

THURSDAY: CIA 2204 w/u and Mark's section. He's a hoot!
15 minute stretch

FRIDAY: Total body at the gym
15 minute stretch. Had to go light on my legs today because I was still sore from Wednesday. Did the same workout but was sooooooo sore. I'm unsure what made the difference because I did not up my reps or weight! Weird!!!

SATURDAY: Totally Cool Step (w/u and 1st section only)
15 minute Stretch
"Totally" (I accidentally wrote totally at the front of this sentence, wasn't on purpose...LOL!) enjoyed this even though I was feeling really bad. That is a testiment to how great Christi is. I will try again when I am feeling better.

All in all I am happy with my week. My cardio seems to have suffered because of all the new stuff and the learning process but I think I'll live! If I didn't work my legs so hard at the gym I could come home and do a little cardio but they are like jelly when I leave there and I can barely operate the break and gas. That's reassuring, isn't it?

I hope everyone has had a great week!!!



Kelly... For not feeling 100% you sure had a great week!!! With all you do we can name you "Wonder Woman" a the female version of "The Rock"!

This is a quick check-in. Need to leave for work.

Mon: Tae Bo Abs & Glutes, Tae Bo Advanced Get Ripped #1
Tues: " " " " " , Tae Bo Advanced Get Ripped #2
Wens: " " " " " , Tae Bo Advanced Get Ripped #1
Slow & Heavy Tri & Bi, ran 3 miles.
Thurs:Tae Bo Abs & Glutes, Aaron Langford's Powerkicks,
Slow & Heavy Chest & Back.
Fri: Tae Bo Abs & Glutes, Powerstrike Millenium #2.
Sat: Tae Bo Advanced Get Ripped #2, 1/2 of PS Chest/Sholud/Tri.

Have a good week!


Hi you all!

Kelly, YIKES, I think I'll be watching for you on the streets after your gym workouts. Ha! Be careful. Great week for you.

Laura~Looks like you're in a TaeBo mode. Super workouts for you this week. What is your opinion on his ABS & GLUTES tape? Is it a hard workout? Keep up the good work.

My week:

MONDAY~Practiced 5 cardios since my new session starts this day, S&H-TRIS & BIS & Abs, taught a Hi/Lo

TUESDAY~Taught a Hi/Lo class, S&H-CHEST & BACK, lower back & plankwork


THURSDAY~Taught 2 Hi/Lo classes

FRIDAY~Jogged 2 1/2 miles, PowerHour, except squats, plies & lunges-too sore

SATURDAY~S&H warm-up, plus only squats, plies and lunges since I skipped them yesterday, 10 IMax intervals and cooldown/stretch

SUNDAY~REST! We are going to The Indians game!! Meeting Julie, Scott & Kennedy there. GO INDIANS!! They are in first place! It will be Kennedy's very first game! BTW, she turned 10 months old yesterday and is getting EVEN cuter!!;-)

I'll tell you what, for those of you that are afraid to take a week or so off, do it. It will shock those muscles BIGTIME when you come back. I jogged 4X while we were on vacation and only did strength work 1X. Not sure S&H was a wise choice to start back with. I was soooo sore all week. It hurts so good, though. Have a great weekend everyone. Look forward to your check-ins!

Your-Friend-In-Fitness, DebbieH If You Get The Choice To Sit It Out Or Dance...I Hope You DANCE!!!
Wow....everyone's week is great so far!!! Laura, how do you like doing a whole week of kickboxing? What are your results like?? I'd be very interested to hear. And with all the talk about the Powerstrike tapes, I've been contemplating a purchase of one of those. Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!!! :-rollen
Here it is from 4/7 to 4/13.

Sun. - off

Mon. - Circuit Max :-jumpy

Tues. - Mega Step Blast

Wed. - Bike: 30 min.

Thurs. - PS BB&A

Fri. - Step Works :-jumpy

Sat. - Circuit Max :-jumpy

Alrighty -- that's it! Oh, I've got a question I need to post because I really need some input about my step, I'll post it seperately. kk? Take care everyone!!!!



Hey guys - sounds like good weeks everyone!

Kelly sounds like you are really getting into the gym routine that's awesome - specially with all the stuff you had going on!

My week was so-so intenstivty wise I had a cold/cough 1st of the season - figures I get it as soon as it's nice

I didnt quite keep with my 4 cardio - 3 leg - 3 upper body - 1 rest (i missed an upper body)

Sun - gym upper body
Mon - rest (felt LOUSY)
Tues - Step interval - body pump leg
Weds - gym upper body
Thurs - All step - gym legs
Fri - Cardio kicks
Sat - ran 3 miles (tonite i do Lean leg)

I'm trying to reach my final goals - so it's a bit tougher to see much improvement but I really am getting closer!

Have a great week everyone -



Hi everybody!! I'm sittin' here jammin to the radio and typing so this will probably be short so I can get up and dance:)!!

MON: Power yoga, leg, bi's and abs

TUES: Power Circut, Intense Moves, chest and tri's


THURS: 10-10-10, back and bi's and abs, played catcher at softball practice

FRI: Yoga, legs and bi's and abs

SAT: IMAX and chest and tri's


Ok, I'm off to dance with my hubby!!



My week could have been better...I ended up getting some weird stomach bug which set off my colitis, so by the end of the week I had to keep my workouts at a fairly gentle pace....oh well...

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: PS CST/PS Back/Tamilee second set of I Want Those Abs

Wednesday: 35 minutes on Stairmaster

Thursday: Sick with stomach thing

Friday: Tamilee I Want Those Buns/Abs

Saturday: CTX Upper Body Workouts/Abs

Sunday: I just previewed my new Powerstrike tape last night and it looks REALLY cool! I may just have to try it today!

That's it for me!



Hey everyone! As usual your weeks all look good :)
I'm pleased with my week, because I managed to get everything in and had 2 rest days! Usually a 2nd rest day means I'm lacking something, but this new rotation lets me hit upper body twice, legs twice, cardio 4 times, and core 3 times. I loved it this week...

MONDAY: rest

TUESDAY: MIC wu and step (including intervals, cool down and stretch)
S&H abs, planks and stretch

WEDNESDAY: * for all circutis I used a barbell and only did legs:
Power Circuit wu and KB circuits
Circuit Max KB circuits
Cardio Kicks leg and arm drills
Tamilee I want those arms I and II
Circuit max stretch

THURSDAY: CTX abs (Power circuit and KB) (I considered this my 2nd rest day)

FRIDAY: 9801 Hi-Lo (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tape--I think it is one of Christi's trickiest)

SATURDAY: PC wu and Step circuits
BodyMax step circuits and cd
PS leg floor work, abs and stretch
Tamilee total stretch for beginners

SUNDAY: I'll be doing heavy upper body--probably PS BBA and CST...

Have a great week!



Hi I guess I will join the check-in

Monday - unplanned rest

Tuesday- Cardio dance class at the gym(I felt like I was in dance lessons!!) and legs.

Wednesday- 30 minutes running and 30 minutes spin class, and arms at the gym.

Thursday - Imax

Friday - Kardio Kick class at club and legs again

Saturday - Spin class, and MIS

Sunday - REST

Have a great week guys!!


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