Chapter Thumbnails not working


For each of my videos that I imported into the workout blender, the chapters that are listed below them show the little picture box with a blank screen and a broken thumbnail. I do not see any pictures. I do see the description written out though. The pictures look fine for the main videos I import. When I click on a chapter to preview it does play fine in the preview box to the right of the workout manager. It's just that the pics for all the chapters show a blank picture with a broken thumbnail icon in the left top corner of the blank picture space. I have a Windows 7 PC.

I have the same problem and have Windows 7. Also Muscle Max does not work right and I have freezing problems.
For everyone having problems with the Chapter Preview Icons not showing correctly, there is a fix for it. It is not difficult if you follow the directions closely, but please do not attempt it if you do not feel confident:

If your chapter preview icons are not displaying under Windows 7, this process will restore them. Please note, however, that you will have to re-import your videos and re-create your workouts since this resets your Workout Blender. This process is only necessary once, so once your previews return you should not have to repeat it.

1. Exit the Workout Blender, then open your Control Panels and choose "View by: Small Icons" in the upper right corner.

2. Click to open "Folder Options"

3. Click on the "View" tab at the top of the Folder Options window that opens.

4. Under "Hidden files and folders" in the list of Advanced Settings that appears, click on "Show hidden files, folders, and drives", then click "Apply" at the bottom of the window.

5. Leave the window open since you will need to reverse this process in a minute.

6. Navigate to the folder: "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > AppData > Roaming and drag the folder "Cathe" into the Recycle Bin and you can close all the folders you opened.

7. Go back to the "Folder Options" window and check "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives", click "Apply" and close the window. You can also close your Control Panels.

8. Restart your computer, then when it is done restarting launch Workout Blender and import a video. The problem with the previews not showing should be fixed.
I did this

and I have a pc running windows vista. (Actually my son did who's more computer savy then me.) I still can not create a video, but worse, I can't find my Cathe video downloads in my computer folder. They are only on itunes, and half will import and the other half show a box saying I need to purchase the videos. (These are the shock cardio downloads.) They used to be in my documents file, but now they're gone. And I cannot create a workout with the ones I was able to import. I can drag the chapters down, and they show no pictures with the chapter points, and hit the create a video button (which downloads 100%) but then nothing shows up.
Hi jackier,

If you have copied all of your Cathe Download videos into iTunes when you purchased them, you should be able to go into the folder:

"Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music > Movies

In this folder you should see all of the Cathe videos that you have imported to iTunes. You can then drag them from this folder and into the Workout Blender window (don't worry, the Workout Blender will not move or change the files in any way, it is only reading chapter information, etc., out of the files). After you drag all of your videos into the Blender, you can close the windows.

Hope this helps you find the videos, then we can address further issues.
Not working

I did what you said and found them, yay, but when I try to import them, it says they are not supported and to purchase from It wasn't a problem before. Again, it's about half of them that are not downloading.
Hi jackier,

Can you let me know the titles that you are having problems with? We are compiling a list of videos to run tests on that various people are experiencing problems with. Thanks!
cardio core circuit, circuit blast, hiit 30-30, hiit pyramid, mma fusion, mma heavy bag bonus,
mma kickbox and travel fit. Hmm, I guess its more than half. I was able to put all the downloads into my video selection in the workout blender prior to doing the instructions that you wrote above. Currently downloaded in my Cathe video section of the blender are athletic step, hiit 40-20, step moves, mmma boxing, and sts extended stretch. I do believe that these videos were the ones I was using to create my own workout before your instructions. (They weren't there after I cleared everything, but they were the only downloads I was able to transfer to my Cathe video section.) I hope that doesn't sound too confusing but I'm trying to give you as much info as I can.
Thank you jackier, we are in communication with the lead developer with this issue that some are having with the videos. We are hoping to incorporate a fix in the next beta release.

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