chapter menu missing?


When I open Workout Manager, I no longer can access the list of chapters for the day's workout, from the calendar paget. That menu option has disappeared. I can go to "add workout" and see the chapters, but not from calendar page. I only see "show details," but not "show chapters." Anyone else lost the menu? Admittedly it was somewhat long on the page.
Hi nickisteen, This is something a developer will have to look at and it will take some time before they can be scheduled to do this as they are currently working on other things. The Workout Manager is a 16-year-old piece of software, so it takes some effort just to keep it working in this fast-changing computer browser world. When we updated the PHP on our server several things in the Workout Manager broke because of old deprecated code. We've already fixed most of the deprecated code, but we still have more to do.

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