Changing camera angles


I've recently received Low Impact Circuit, have done it 3 times, and I'm really loving it. I have dozens of good things to say about it, but one thing about it bugs me a little.

Starting in the second cardio sequence, when a new move is introduced, often the camera angle will change. It happens RIGHT when the move is introduced, so that the first time you see a new move it's from an angle behind and to the side of the step, or sometimes up and away from the step to the side. The camera angle continues to change off and on throughout the cardio sequences. I wouldn't mind so much if it was the 4th or 5th time a move was shown, but when it happens at the beginning of a new series of steps it really throw me off, I literally have to stop and try to figure out, wait, are we now on the left side and to the back, so that my right foot is now my left and huh??? I'm sure that after I do the video several more times I'll have memorized the steps enough so that this won't be an issue, but on the other hand I'm a variety nut and I typically only do any one video maybe once every month or so, so this might be a problem for me as each time I pull it out again I'll have to sort of relearn the steps.

I haven't done any of the other new series videos, I have Drill Max and I know I'll love it but am wondering if the changing camera angles will be on that one too.

Changing camera angles is a "problem" I associate with CIA videos, and I sort of remember someone asking Greg Twombley about it a couple of years ago (another forum I believe), and him saying he knew it was a problem and it wouldn't happen in future CIA videos. But in recent CIA videos it still persists. I don't associate it with videos from other instructors and until this new series I didn't notice it with Cathe's other videos.

I have no spatial awareness and it's possible this is a non-issue for most people. Does this bug anyone else? My preference would be to have the camera JUST face the exercisers, and never move, at least during step segments - for the strength segments it doesn't matter so much. I wonder if video editors are just trained to switch camera angles when something new appears?

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