Hi Happy girls!

It sounds duh! I know, but we are trying to keep happy vibes.

No workout for me today, i ran out of time. My eatings been good. And bacauese I've been busy all day, I don't feel bad that I didn't manage the workout.

Have a happy day!



Good Morning,

Didn't get up to workout again this morning so on tap is B&G overall leg premix. Some day I will get up.

Andrea-Its ok to miss a workout once in awhile and you probably got a good workout doing whatever you were doing. Are you staying away from the biscuts?

Amelia-shimmy is belly dancing from fittv.

Have a good day everyone.


Good morning girls

Roxie-i thought that was what shimmy was,have you had any results from it? Enjoy your LB workout:)

Andrea-great job on your eating today! Have a good night!

hey to all that follows:)

Today is either PP or SS,i haven't done either one of them yet so it should be interesting to see if i have doms tommorrow}( I will also do a dog walk shorlty!

everybody have a wonderful day:)


Hi everyone. Tonight will hopefully be another spin class with upper body afterwards at the gym.

Happy Day to all. Mine is sort of happy. I went to another funeral this morning. One of my co-worker's father died so I went to support her. So although it was a sad occasion, I'm happy that I was able to go. And I'm even happier that I did not fall to temptation on the way home and stop at one of the many Dairy Queens that I passed. We do not have any locally, so when I end up in a part of Texas that has DQ's I usually will stop and either get a Blizzard(ice cream mixed with candy) or a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. The funny thing was I didn't even crave one. I guess all the sweets I recently had all soaked in and are holding my cravings at bay. Hopefully those craving will stay away for awhile.

Take care everyone.



Happy Day!!

It makes me think of Happy Feet. My boys and i went to hear a woman called they Penguinlady talk of penguins. A fun learning experience.

I did 4DS Chest and BAck. My hip feels better every day. I am so tempted to do some cardio but I do not want to slide backwards.

Jean: good job on passing all those DQs.

Roxie: B&G is such a butt burner have fun sitting tomorrow!}(

Ameila: Push Pull was one of my first weight tapes. I did this one often. It is a nice one, not to intense.

Andrea: We all need a rest day from structured WOs. I am sure you where active anyway.

Have a Happy day!



Hi everyone. Managed to get up and out the door for a walk again this morning - even managed to RUN half the route. Also got another 20min walking in this afternoon (decided to take THAT kind of stress break rather than eating a pint of Haagen Dazs). Kids want to go out on the bikes this evening so I may even get MORE exercise.

Jean, WTG on not stopping @ DQ. I love Blizzards :)

Elaine & Amelia, my favorite weight WO is PUB (I usually go HEAVY and do the up only premix).

Roxie, I'm not sure if I like or hate B&G. I'm so sore after I do it, I can hardly walk for 2 days.

Andrea, WTG on the good eating! I think you'll be OK w/o a WO - you're pretty consistent with them (unlike me :p ).

OK, gotta scoot. Work is (still) calling me!

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