caved in....ordered Brazilian Butt Lift


after contemplating for weeks , i finally caved this a.m after watching the infomercial. I ordered from total fitness dvd's, do they ship BBL fast or will it take weeks to get the dvd's?

I caved too!

I am so weak. I just called my husband, who is a Beach Body coach, and I told him to order the program for me. I'm hoping I'll love it!
Amy, unless Mary at totalfitnessdvds is out of stock, you will have it so fast you will hardly believe it. That's been my experience with her always, and I've ordered a lot! Enjoy it! It's different and fun.....
I recently ordered the deluxe work outs from her. Let's see how quickly I get them. I have always ordered from BB in the past though and never had a problem. Always got my shipment quickly!

ETA: Ordered BBL thursday. Shipping notice sent 7am Friday. Just checked tracking and it's being delivered today! :)
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