Cathe's fit tv music


I watch Cathe's Fit TV programs a lot these days, the music helps me out and the dvds as well! Brian Howe and his music sponsers is where to get much of Cathe's music from but....... anyone know where to get Gilad's fit tv music from? His credits on tv in the beginning or at the end of his programs say nothing about his music as Cathes does.

Anyone have any idea where to get Fit TV's Gilad's music from or where to look as his website does not have anything either. ??

Miss Lee

Here's the Customer Service contact information that I found on Gilad's site. You should call them.

Customer Service
Contact Information

Corporate Office
Gilad's Bodies in Motion Hawaii
1833 Kalakaua Ave Suite 904
Honolulu, HI 96815

For all customer service requests please call: 1-800-438-4310

Office Hours are 9am-5pm Hawaii Pacific Time. Please leave a message if you reach us outside our office hours.

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