CatheLive: Barbell Upper Body

aqua girl

I was thinking that there was an older CL workout focusing on the barbell and that it had at least a couple weight plate ab exercises in it…I checked, it does, and she does the lateral raises and front raises with the plates as well. I didn’t remember that, but I didn’t have her weight plates back then, so probably didn’t focus on that…I will now :)….gotta revisit that one soon !
I found another where she uses weight plates only for rear lunges….neat idea…
that one is Total Body Barbell & Bands, it looks great and pretty sure I have never done
it, but it’s 73 min. Long!!! Eek! That’s a bit long for me, but I might attempt it….
Well, I have been itching to do this one, so later on this afternoon, I did do CatheLive
Barbell Upper Body. Wow, this is a workout with a “bite”, but so much fun…I really
enjoyed all the different rep patterns within the exercises, which also worked the brain
as well. :). At the end, she does front raises & lateral raises with the weight plates &
I throughly enjoyed both of those…and yes, they had a bite as well. The abs at the
very end was 4 exercises, 3 of which she used a weight plate. It is 43 min. And got
marked as a “favorite”.
Aqua girl- you got me curious so I searched LIVE for barbell workouts ...

Here's a few more ...
259 Barbell TB
227 TB Barbell Challenge
116 TB Barbell Burn
299 PHA Barbell
095 TB Barbell and Bands
There's an UB one too.

I watched the clips to maybe get an idea of what the new TB Barbell workout will be like ... In the LIVE, she does include core work too - My sister & I were discussing that Cathe didn't mention there would be core work in the new workouts, but maybe there is! She also sometimes just uses the plates. She also uses lighter weight for some exercises (the barbell looks strange at 10# total weight :)).
Lots of partial reps ... guess that's to be expected in an endurance based workout.

I think I'm gonna like this one! :D
"Total Body Barbell will have a little core in it, per the above quote taken from the
description of it"..

Thanks, guess I "forgot":rolleyes:

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