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I need help finding cathes apps on the firestick again. I had to make some changes to my firestick and lost both apps. I have tried everything from manually typing it in or voice recording. No luck. I have reached out to support for help but they have not gotten back to me. Is there anyone on here who could help me find both apps on the firestick? I need to know what to punch in manually so I can find them again. I would appreciate anyone who could give me step by step instructions. Thank you in advance
I just tried looking since I use a firestick and I could not find either app as well. But, if you go to amazon and type in cathe live app, it will give you the apps and you can download them to your firestick from there. Just pick the stick you want it to go to, if you have multiple ones. Hope that helps.
Hi, Thank you for responding. As far as downloading the app from Amazon to my Firestick how does that work? If I go to Amazon and log in and I download the apps won't they download to my computer? I would be logging on to Amazon from my computer and downloading the apps from there. How would I transfer the apps from my computer to the Firestick? I am sorry I am not tech-savvy. Can you give me instructions? I would appreciate it. Thank you again
I hope I can help but you have to download it on your tv; you should be automatically logged in to your Amazon account if you are using the firestick. When I switch the TV on using my firestick remote I press the home button, it then asks who is watching and I click on my profile, then I can see all the apps I watch using the firestick (as I don’t have a smart TV) if I scroll along these apps there comes an option ‚get more apps‘, then I click on that and enter the name of the app, in this case Cathe, then I can download them to my tv. I really hope this helps, I‘m in Germany so not sure how it works in other countries. As I‘m typing this I think that all the Amazon accounts are linked, so if you download the app via Amazon on your computer it should available on your firestick too.
Good luck,
I'm glad they helped you and I'm sorry I didn't explain it better. Just for future reference or any other app you might want to download and can't find it on the firestick. If you are logged into your amazon account, in the search area, type in Cathe live app. You will then see both of Cathe's apps, just click on one, say Cathe live. It will then change screens and ask "deliver to" and you just put in what which firestick you want to download it to. It sends it there, not to your computer. If you want to see how it works, just follow the steps and you will see for next time. I have 4 firesticks and a kindle, so I had to rename all my firesticks when I got them so I know which room & tv they went with. It makes it a lot easier that way. Best of luck!!

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