Cathe - More No-step Rotations using the newer DVDs?


Cathe - I saw the no-step-needed rotations you created on the videofitnessfanatics site. They are great! Any plans to add more using the new DVDs? I can't run on the treadmill (or do step aerobics) due to a knee problem, but I can sub swimming in for your treadmill portion and I find these rotations extremely helpful! I have been writing my own rotations adapting from what is here, but more from the "expert" using the newer DVDs would be wonderful!

Thank you!
Hey Venus! I've basically given up on step aerobics as well because of my knees and because my thighs are huge and I still have a lot of flab. I think walking/jogging will help. Can you direct me to that rotation you mentioned?

I do hope that in the future Cathe does more non-step cardio videos. I love KPC!:)
Hi Fitlisan!

Go to then put in Cathe as the "must include group". Then scroll down the list that comes up and you will see Cathe’s Custom No-Step-Needed Advanced Rotations Part 1 and then a Part 2 and 3. They use older DVDs of which I don't have many. I have mostly Intensity Seriest and Body Blast and then a few others scattered but not enough to make these rotations useful.

Recently I started stepping on just the top of the step (not much of a step really) and my knee seems OK with that as long as I leave out the high impact moves. However my physical therapist said to only step once a week at the most so I still need some other ideas. :)
Thanks Venus.

I am also thinking of doing the same thing, step aerobics once a week, and adding Kick, Punch, and Crunch, along with walking.
That's almost exactly what I do only I swim 3X a week instead of the walking. I do KPC or Cardio Kicks (or some other kick-boxing DVD like Debbie Burns, Janis Saffell, or Powerstrike) once a week, step once a week, swimming 3X and an optional 6th day of cardio which might be elliptical or kickboxing again. Once the weather stays warm out comes my mountain bike and things will get easier. :) Winter is always my challenge.

Let me know how things go for you I always like sharing tips with fellow low-impact, high-intensity people! :) Gives me ideas.
Would you post that rotation here, please. My version of explorer is too old for me to access it. Thanks!
Here are the rotations over at FVF:

Part 1

Sun. -- Steady state treadmill plus 10 min. ab workout plus 30 min. stretch workout of choice
Mon. -- Interval treadmill workout
Tues. -- S&H Chest and Back
Wed. -- Cardio Kicks
Thurs. -- S&H Biceps and Triceps. Add PM workout interval treadmill
Fri. -- Rest
Sat. -- S&H Legs and Shoulders

Repeat above for a total of 4 weeks.

Part 2

Sun. -- Interval treadmill workout plus 30 min. stretch
Mon. -- PS Strong legs and abs.
Tues -- Rest
Wed. -- PS Back, biceps and abs. Add PM cardio of choice
Thurs. -- Cardio Kicks plus 10 min abs.
Fri. -- PS Chest, shoulders and triceps. Optional PM cardio of choice
Sat. -- steady state treadmill workout.

Repeat above for a total of 4 weeks.

Part 3

Sun. -- Cardio Kicks plus 10 min. ab workout
Mon. -- MIS
Tues. -- cardio of choice plus 30 min. stretch workout
Wed. -- interval treadmill workout
Thurs. -- MIS
Fri. -- Rest
Sat. -- Power Hour Add PM steady state treadmill workout.

Repeat above for a total of 4 weeks.


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