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Today I signed up for Cathe live. I absolutely love it!! It was so easy to set up and worked like a charm. Not a single hesitation or glitch in the streaming. It is amazing, and easily the best 10.00 a month I will spend. Thanks Cathe and team!!

I love love love Cathe Live!!!! I love seeing Cathe unscripted and she shines. Love all the members working out with her. Love they are regular gym goers wanting a good workout and they vary with different fitness levels. Love they are all working hard and pushing themselves. Love how they motivate me and love that the live classes have such a fun factor. I could keep going but I think you all get how much I love Cathe Live! :)
I love Cathe live too!!!:DMy favs are All about Legs, Cardio & Weights, Hardstrikes Low Impact Boxing, Stability Ball Total body conditioning, Kickbox & Barre, & Strong upper body. Today I'm doing the live Butts & Guts and Step Hiit.
All about legs was the workout I did last night. Fabulous. Can't wait to do the Oct. 30th workout. Step with blasts. When Cathe announced that was the Thursday workout, it pushed me over the edge and I told my husband that we HAD to figure out how to get these to play for me!! And it was so easy, I don't know why I thought it would be difficult. I've figured out that I get my best results doing about 4 hard workouts a week. It's going to be hard to hold myself back, because I want to do all her live workouts right now!!
I ♥ Cathe Live. It's great seeing her unscripted. Plus, I enjoy the little breaks we get :D. I don't feel guilty when she takes a break too.

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