Cardio Coach - workouts are great and customer service is too


I just wanted to thank everyone who encouraged us to buy cardio coach in the previous threads and share an awesome customer support experience too. I bought volumes 1 & 2 last week. I did them, loved them and decided to order 3, 4, & 5.

Yesterday evening I sat down to order them and my internet connection was a little slow so I got through the ordering process but the last confirmation screen didn't show up. I got the email that my card had been billed though so I didn't want to try to refresh the screen and get billed twice. After waiting just a bit (I'm not known for my patience!), I didn't get my email with the link so I sent an email to cardio coach's customer service to say it didn't go through. I waited a minute and then I called the customer support number and left a message (as I said, not real patient!). Then I realized that I wasn't realistically going to get customer support at 8 pm on a Sunday evening and I was sure that I would have an email response in the morning.

So (still not being patient) I checked my email a couple of minutes later and there was a response from cardio coach and an email with the links. Yippee! And then, a couple of minutes later I got a phone call from a voice that I instantly recognized! It was Coach Sean calling to make sure that I had gotten the email and was able to download my purchases. :eek: Who would have expected customer service late Sunday evening and a follow-up phone call just to make sure that everything went through?

Anyway, I can't say enough good things about the cardio coach workouts or the customer service. So thanks again ladies for enabling me!

Oh my!!! To get a phone call from Coach Sean! :eek::eek: Too cool.

I am glad you are loving them so much!!! Have fun :D
Hehe, are CC fans going to start calling the customer service number in the hopes of getting a phone call from Sean? LOL! :D
I think it was last year i started hearing about cardio coach....i never really tried any of them until recently and OMG:eek: Im so glad I did! Before coach Sean i wasn't too excited about getting on my 'hamster wheel' (treadmill)

Lisa-Glad to hear you were able to get your order right and you got to speak to Coach Sean:eek::)

Coach Sean is also on facebook!;)
Well God knows I've prayed for an excuse to call the CS number, but my prayers have yet to be answered... or maybe they were answered and the answer was no. :p :D
Yeah, Great customer service!! I got a call when I had a problem with my Zip code. He even through in a free WO because of the delay in delivery.:D
....swoon....a phone call!:D
you lucky girl!

i sent an email once crazy-late on a saturday night and sean responded within minutes

no wonder he's looking for a busn partner - i bet he is plum tuckered out!:eek:
Hehe, are CC fans going to start calling the customer service number in the hopes of getting a phone call from Sean? LOL! :D

I hope I haven't created a monster!!! I can only imagine what Coach Sean's answer machine sounds like now and how many people can't remember their own zip code anymore.

Anyway, I did volume 3 yesterday and it was great. I haven't tried volumes 4 or 5 yet and I'm resisting the urge to do one this afternoon. I'm assuming I shouldn't do more than 2 or 3 of these workouts in a week - right?


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