Cannot sign into live


I have been logged in automatically forever on cathe live on my Roku tv. For some reason today it said invalid username or password. I tried to get on there almost two hours today and couldn’t! I have changed my password etc and I can get logged in just fine on my phone.I do cathe live almost daily. Frustrating. I have deleted the app and re-upped it also today. I have checked for updates and I have reset my internet connection also. Please help.
You just need to update to our new Roku App. This will usually happen automatically, but you can try a system update and a system restart to force it now.
I can sign in to CatheLive on my iPad but today's workout crashes, meaning
When I choose play, it goes back to home screen. I tried a couple others, they
Play ok.
Hi aqua girl, we're seeing this too. We have fix that we're going to upload hopefully later today that I think will fix this.

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