Cannot put LIC into WOB


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I have recently downloaded Low Impact Circuit, CTX Upper Body, and Muscle Max. I can't move LIC into the WOB, says format is incorrect. The WOB will also not let me use CTX Upper Body or MM to create a video. I have tried the suggestions made in the forum and they have not worked. I do have the STS Shock Cardio Series and I can use them to create a workout. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I purchased the downloads to strictly use in the workout blender and would like to purchase more if I could get them to work.
Thanks, Deb
PS I have Windows Vista 32 bit, My laptop also has the same system and the downloads will not work on either of my computers.

We're aware of this. LIC will not currently work in the WB. The download file is fine, but we we have to make a code change in the WB to make it work. Hope to get to this in our next update.
Any timeframe for the update? I still can't use the Workout Blender and have to wait until it's fixed for iMAc use :-(
I purchased the LIC download and wanted to use it in WB to make some premixes. There should be disclaimer that the current download is not WB friendly. :(
The Workout Blender is in early beta and that means there are lots of things that will not work correctly. In time these bugs will be fixed and LIC will be able to be loaded into the Workout Blender.
We have not been able to update the Blender yet for LIC as this is scheduled for the next release, however, we have recently re-encoded the video and re-posted it on our server. This new version does not have any of the problems that the old one does.

To get the new version, simply use the download link that you were originally provided when you purchased the video. Remove any old versions of LIC from the Workout Blender and your computer, and use only this new version.

If you no longer have your download links, please contact customer service for the downloads and they can provide you with a new link.

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