Can Only Import One Video Before Freezing


I can drag and drop one video from my files into the WB. After it loads into the WB, I try to drag an drop a second video from my files into the WB. The video cover appears in the panel, but the graphic only loads halfway from the bottom. The top of the graphic is grayed out. It remains frozen on the message to be sure to not move the video file from its location, and never gets past that point. The rest of the program is frozen, as well. I have to close out the program and open it back up before I can add another video. In order to add a third or any consecutive videos I have to close the program between each one.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program without any change.

I have a PC, 64-bit, Windows 7.
Yes, I have the same problem. I've tried the "For Users with 80% Complete or Videos Not Importing Problems). ", still freezes and I get the same message.

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