Calling ALL MEN! I need advice on men's shoes!


I need to buy my DH some new athletic shoes and I am wondering what the men here at CatheLand wear for Cathe workouts. DH has flat feet and a rather large size...12! Bless his heart he refuses to buy anything but whatever is on sale at Wally World and I have decided that this is the best anniversary present I can give.

So if you can recommend a brand and style, I would be in your debt. :) TIA


Two suggestions: buying at a good sports store

Two suggestions:
1. Buy a pair of size 12 aerobics shoes at a good sports store. Ask the clerk about quality of shoes -- and whether DH prefers aerobics (step vs. strength? etc). Sound her or him out on prices, etc.

The problem with this is that men (like me) are fussy about shoes. I prefer black running shoes (don't laugh), irrespective of what training I am doing.

2. Because of this, you may want to price reasonable aerobics shoes, then give him a gift certificate from that store with that price in mind. Then force him to go shop, and accompany him to the store(etc., etc.).

I always buy gift certificates for Christmas, etc., since it is the other person who knows what she(he) wants.
-- Davidj


I agree that you should do a gift cert or take your husband shopping. Since different shoes are cut differently, you want to make sure its a comfortable fit for his individual foot shape, esp for athletic shoes.

Very thoughtful of you :)

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