C&T (get your freak on) FRIDAY

Did you sleep last night Kate ???
I know how excited you are, .....I can FEEL it through your posts !!! :) :)
Have a BLAST with your sister! It sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead. Enjoy every single minute.

For me.....my Friday will be a little less exciting, but still a good one. Getting ready to walk with DH, and then it is cardio day.....so I will add something, 30 min. spin maybe.

I'm just so happy Friday is finally here !!!!!! :)
Becky, YOur morning walks w/ Kevin sound so wonderful! I think you and your family are pretty much awesome!:D Have a great spin!

Better sign off and get my shower & finish packing. Then its a 4-hr drive to SHOP TIL WE DROP!:D
Kate, GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN! I'm not sure how it escaped me that that's why you were going to IL (DUH!). Forgive me, I have pregnancy brain.

Morning Becky!

Katie, LOL! Pregnant brain is very excusable!

leaving in 45..... Got my Ju her last nursing til tomorrow night.
As excited as I am to go I am sad to leave my girls too.... My little Ju is just so soft & squishy! I can't wait to squeeze her again already!:p
Have a safe trip !!!!!!!!! and then fun, fun, FUN with your sis !! :)

Morning Katie ! :)

Walk was wonderful ! :) Didn't see another walker, biker or jogger today. Where IS everybody ???
Thanks Becky! Glad you had a good walk!

Taking the car seats OUT of the Durango & loadin' up some Black Eyed Peas & Beyonce for some rockin' on the way to ChiTown!
Happy Friday!!

Kate, I hope you have an amazing time!! Enjopy yourself, don't worry (too much) about M and the girls-they'll be fine and need some daddy-daughter time too!:) Take lots of pics, buy lots of stuff, and run like the wind!! XO

Becky, I agree with Kate! I was talking about your walks with dh to Darrin hoping I can persude him to do the same-we'll see!

Katie, wait til you get "Momma of 2" brain!!

Today is a lazy day here-no dnace, no errands:) My friend might drop off her daughter to play with Nevena but that's it! And it's supposed to be a hot, muggy, stormy day-blah. Workout will be cardio-kickbox or step, not sure yet.
Klaudia- that's exciting ! I hope Darrin considers it ! I'm really enjoying it and Kevin is impressing me . Yesterday the walk was pretty quiet....lol he is not a real morning person and it takes him a while to wake up (I am the opposite, I wake most mornings like a switch went off, asleep one minute and wide awake the next, no alarms or anything, and I usually wake obnoxiously happy:p, which has always annoyed my "non-early morning lover children":p;), but I digress.......) but today's walk was MUCH livelier.......we talked about all kinds of things and plans for the weekend. And we beat the heat !!

I changed my mind about cardio & did circuit, which is on tap for tomorrow but I often find it hard to fit in a scheduled workout on weekends, so I did SJP step/weight circuit. Was fun !

Smoothie time !
Good Morning Everyone!

I decided to do my long run this morning since tomorrow will be more humid. I ran 4 miles in 56-60 degree weather and it was delightful. I finished with Cardio Resistance and Power. I have delusions of doing some UB tonight but I have a feeling it won't happen.

Kate, have a blast in Chi!
Katie, hope your day is going well. Aren't you a week away from VACATION!!!!
Becky, the morning walks sound delightful. There were a good handful of people out when I ran this morning.
Klaudia, loved the warrior picture from last night. I am jealous of your lazy day.
Nina, hope you got your nap in yesterday.
Wendy, can't wait to hear about your bodybug! ^5 on the big pants.
Anne, that's great you and TCB can get together after the RT!

Need to run to a meeting....
Morning, all, how did it escape me that all of my teammates are off today? I don't mind, really, I just wasn't prepared for it. Oh, well, I'm sure it will be fine.

Colleen, nice run! I like the fact that you're aware of your delusions.

Becky, great work outs today. I am not a morning person, altho I can't sleep in like I used to. And, I must admit, chipper people first thing do make me crazy. ;-)

Klaudia, I am also jealous of your "nothing" day. How was lunch yesterday?

Kate, HAVE SO MUCH FUN! And I can't wait to hear all about your shopping expedition. And you will definitely look like the warrior pic Kl posted yesterday. Have a fantastic race!

Katie, when is your vacay? You're not excited, are you?

Nina, how are things at your new digs?

Wendy, I had to buy belts when I started dropping weight. It sounds like that won't even work for you, tho. You go, girl!

I'm getting a pedicure after work tonight, which will be fun. I haven't had a professional one since before the cruise. It aggravated my toe, so I hope that doesn't happen tonight. We will see.

Oh! Hi, Angie!

Okay, I should probably try to get some work done. bbiab

Just wanted to say a quick good morning before the day gets away from me. Between the migraine, dance starting, preparing for the audit, and regular stuff I am overwhelmed!! Thanks for the good luck on the audit!! I will be back to catch up on personals!! Kate, have a great time!!!
Yikes! We're on page 2!!

It's been a nice lazy day here-the girls have friends over and have been playing outside most of the afternoon:) When they leave, I'll be heading down for a workout.

Colleen, your delusion comment made me laugh! Great run!

Anne, lunch was delish! I bet that place in Lansing makes someting similar.

Clintonya, hope you're having a good day!
Klaudia, I bet you're right. You should come up and we should go out to eat there. They make amazing desserts, too.

Hi, Clintonya!

I thought today's title would attract Wendy, but I'm sure she's busy. Hi anyway!

Hi to Angie and Nina, too! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Oh! I talked to TCB this afternoon and I think we have a plan for me to visit him. Yippee! It includes a side trip to PA to see my sister and mom, so that is good. It all depends if I can take 2 weeks off work, but it shouldn't be a problem in the summer. We shall see. Colleen, it means I will also have a car during the road trip, so we will not be short of transport. See you guys soon.

anne, LOL, i LOVE todays title =) belts won't work since these were MATERNITY pants (and a few workout pants in super large sizes). im gonna donate to the airmans attic.

kate, have a blast! can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

clintonya, sending you quick-and-painless-audit vibes...

colleen, i am working on he bodybugg software right now... it says i should eat 1650 cals to maintain my weight so I'm setting a "safe" 500-800 deficit, we'll see how it goes.

becky, what kind of smoothie today? im so jealous of your vitamix.

klaudia, a lazy day sounds fab, enjoy!

katie, i feel like preg brain never went away but maybe it will now that im not nursing...

when does angie get back?

AM workout was combat and going back for jam (dance) class later. not the best workout for me but its the class we get points for this week so what they heck.

I did not drop any lbs this week but YIPPEE for clean eats mostly all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will catch up, i know it will.

b - choc banana prot smoothie
l - salmon burger, spinach
d - we are going out, it is a gym/BL party...hopefully the food wont be TOO bad...
Klaudia, yea for your lazy day :) Love the pic form yesterday :D Go Kate, go :D

Becky, you sound like my mom, one minute she is sleeping and the next she is having a conversation :) My dad was just like me the opposite :)

Colleen, glad you are feeling better! Those temps sound great! We are supposed to have a high of 101 on Sunday!

Hi Anne, the tcb plan sounds great and an added bonus of 2 weeks off work:D:D

Wendy, w/the bodybugg does that mean you would need to eat 1150 w/your workouts? I am trying to see what changes I need to make to lose more than a ¼ pound every week! How was the party?

Nina, hope you are settling in ok and feeling less overwhelmed.

Hi to everyone!!

Brought home a box of stuff to review this weekend, but I am too tired to even start looking at it now :) The best part of summer dance is no classes on Friday or Saturday :D Thanks for the audit and migraine thoughts!! The migraine is almost gone-one of those ttom things. Enjoying the night at home. Eating has been good and got in LIC today. Hope everyone has a good night.

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