Buff Badgers June 28-July 2


Susan - Thanks for the heads up on Jillian's new Shred workout. I definitely want that so I'll go preorder as soon as I finish posting.

Karen - Why do you have to wait for the Bob workouts to come to retail? I didn't have any problems ordering from his website. I know some did. . .

Laurie - I'm sure your DD would leave me in the dust. Sounds like your hamstring is doing better. That's good news.

Well, I was unsuccessful collecting pee with our kitty. She would try to go but all that came out what a couple drops of blood. The vet was concerned she may have stones so did an x-ray and yep - she has stones in her bladder. And while they were taking the x-ray she peed on the table so they were able to get a sample. He was hoping to find a certain type of crystal in the urine which would mean most likely the stones were the kind that could be dissolved with food but no luck - no crystals in the urine. We could try the food but it could make the stones worse. Other option - SURGERY. :eek:

She's scheduled for July 9 which happens to be my birthday. I had planned to take the day off anyway so it works well. She'll have to stay 1-2 nights at the vet. Poor baby. She is such a sweet kitty. As the vet examined her she was rubbing her head against his stethoscope. He said that was a good sign.

She is also on antibiotics because the vet thought she probably still has an infection in her bladder. The pills are tiny so it's pretty easy to hold her head back, open the mouth and pop it in. Did it all by myself this morning.

DD comes home tonight! I miss her so much. Thinking of making brownies or cookies today as a welcome home treat. :D

Have a great 4th of July weekend everyone!

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