Buff Badgers 7/7


Morning BB's,

Today will be Tae Bo Get Ripped and also volleyball.

Well tomorrow is opening weekend for the faire. Just amazed that it is already here. I don't think that we are as ready as we should be. Hopefully the rain that is in the forcast will not arrive for Sunday.

Have a great day and weekend!

Happy Friday BBs! I slept in this morning and it felt good! Will probably get a walk in tonight since the weather is so nice.

Laurie - Hope you have a good opening weekend. I will be happy to have rain no matter when it comes. The poor lawn and plants need it so bad. We try and wter but not the same.
Laurie - Good luck with opening weekend! I'm sure you'll do great and I hope any rain we get comes overnight.

Marie - I've been sleeping in all week to DH's dismay. :D I think he had delusions of me planting a garden or repainting the house this week. . .

The cats did NOT like the drive to the vet yesterday. They were fine once we got there and on the way back. Glad that's over for another year.

Yesterday the kids and I ended up in Frame Park renting a surrey. It was more of a workout than I thought it'd be.

More errands to run today. Thinking about going to Greek Fest if I can talk DH into it.

Was inspired after reading a little of my new Framework book by Dr. Nick so did 2 segments of Stretch Max last night. It's very interesting so far. He explains why it's more important as we get older to do more stretching, cross training, proper warmups and a balanced exercise routine (strength, cardio, flexibility). Lots of real life examples of famous dancers and hockey players he's treated and how their injuries could have been avoided with more balanced training. In the case of one hockey player, he had very strong adductor muscles but relatively weak abductor muscles so any time his legs were in a wider stance he was more prone to injury and suffered numerous groin pulls as a result. Once this imbalance was corrected, he no longer had any groin injuries. The book includes a self test to see if you have any imbalances. Haven't taken this yet.

Did Leaner Legs this morning and 200 walking lunges. May also go for a walk later and enjoy this beautiful weather just like Marie. Sunday is my birthday (42) so looking forward to lots of presents. :7

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sue - Hope you have a great birthday on Sunday and get some nice gifts! You are sooooo young. Nice workout this morning. The surrey sounds like fun while you got a workout and fresh air. I have a bunch of stuff I want to order from Amazon and think I will get that book. DH might even find it interestng.

I have a bridal shower tomorrow but am not looking forward to going. I am sure SIL had them invite DH's ex so she could hang out with her. So I will not know anyone and get to see the ex too. What a thrill. Maybe I can find someone to sit with to feel less weird.

DH just had a change of plans for Brazil. He is now going 7/31 - 8/11. But he is going to Columbia, SC the week of the 17th. I hope it hates it and the trip reaffirms his desire to NOT MOVE when the word comes about his dept relocating. So he will be gone 3 out of 4 weeks. ICK!!!!!
Aw, thanks Marie for calling me young! :) :) :) Some days I don't feel it anymore and other days I can't believe I'm in my 40s cuz my brain feels like I'm mid-late 30s. . .

I like the book so far. I plan on giving it to DH to read when I'm done. All he does for cardio is spinning and an occasional walk so maybe he'll understand after reading the book he needs to cross-train. And stretch . . . and work his core.

Sorry you have a bridal shower you're not looking forward to. A co-worker has that same issue with her DH's ex and she uses the same tactic - sit with someone else!

Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll have a tropical storm or hurricane warning while he's in SC! :+ Lots of travel for your DH and extra responsibility for you taking care of things around the house. Hope it goes quickly for you.


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