Buff Badgers 7/6


Morning BB's,

Today will be a 6 mile run.

We won in softball again 19-3. I really felt sorry for the other team. It was 12-0 in the first inning, and we only played 3 innings total.

Have a great day!

Wow, Laurie! Your softball team rocks. No doubt having a highly trained athlete such as yourself on the team helps quite a bit. :)

Today was GS-CT and 10 min. Ultimate Buns and Thighs from Kelli Roberts Bootcamp Solutions. Want to go for a walk or do cardio later but have to go to the bank, grocery store, vet and DS' baseball practice.

Hi, Marie! :)

Anyone heard from Jill lately?

Have a great day!

Hi BBs,
No postings from Jill in quite a while. Hope all is OK.

Cynthia should be up here soon or might be already. DH will be going to Brazil for 2 weeks and I prefer not to leave the dog since he is alone all day. THat means the week of 7/31 is the first week that will work for me other than next week but no word from Cynthia yet either. Would 7/31 or 8/1 work for both of you and Jill too if she is lurking?

I did a dancey workout this morning but can't quite remember the name - Kirango or something like that.

Laurie - What an amazing game for your team! But I'm sure the other team is not so happy. Maybe they had some good players on vacation.

Hi Sue - there is always so much to do and not enough time. Evenings go way too fast. I am hoping to get a walk in tonight too esp with the great weather we are having.

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