Buff Badgers 5/26


Morning BB's,

Can't believe that this weekend is the 4th of July weekend. Summer just started didn't it? :D Anyway, today will be 3 mile run, PS Back, Biceps & Abs, & BBW. I don't have anything going on this week as far as sports go. Softball and volleyball both are bye weeks. :D Tonight I'm going to get myself a new pair of running shoes. My current ones have too many miles on them.

Have a great day!

Hi, Laurie! I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned worn-out shoes and injuries. I'm overdue for new shoes and that's partly to blame for my achilles tendonitis. I also think running uphill and maybe running in general in my cross-trainers vs. running shoes did not help the situation. Enjoy your "bye" week!

No workout on Saturday. Our conversion was a disaster.

<Begin vent>
Our business partner okayed our conversion plan but when we called IBM with a question late Friday afternoon, IBM told us "No, you can't do it that way." So we changed our plan and had a number of problems when we started to test. We called IBM right away and was told we were on the right track but we needed to complete steps 4 and 5. Why the guy on Friday didn't mention these steps ticked us off because he knew exactly what we were doing. We completed steps 4 and 5 and still had problems. Then they told us we had to re-install our email server and read chapter so-and-so. We NEVER had to re-install our email server for a HW upgrade. We found some other problems which concerned us and by that time, one of co-workers had been there 18 hours coming in at midnight to start the conversion. She wanted to start from scratch but we talked her out of it because no good could come of working in a sleep-deprived state. Coming back on Sunday wasn't an option because one of our license codes is tied to the date it is applied (stupid) So today we're trying to figure out when to try the conversion again. I'm supposed to be off next week and now I have to work next weekend. It's month-end so Accounting is b*tching. It's our peak season so Manufacturing is b*tching. Our boss is in South Carolina so we're left to coordinate this with all the other departments. IBM and our BP spent some time arguing this morning and IBM never did directly answer our questions but according to them, if we don't follow their procedures, we'll have a time-bomb waiting to fail. Now it looks like we have to do an OS upgrade before the hardware upgrade even though we were told we wouldn't have to do this. As it stands right now, we'll get the system Saturday noon and be ready for testing at midnight. After 3 hours of testing and a 2 hour backup, I *might* get to go home 5 a.m. Sunday. }( Ugh! My co-worker who's mainly responsible for the upgrade has been doing upgrades since 1980 and NEVER has she had such a bad experience. Sigh. . .
<End vent>

So that's why no workout on Saturday! LOL Yesterday I did Imax3 cardio only premix and added on 6 of the blasts. After Saturday I had a lot of stress to work off so I would have gone longer but had to run back to work on Sunday for a tape drive issue. Also went for a walk with DH and did 3T. This morning I did upper body weights using the BFL pattern (12-10-8-6-12-12) and All Step abs.

My achilles is feeling better today. The 2 days of rest (Fri and Sat) helped it. Marie - Thanks for the email, Laurie - Thanks for the reminder on shoes. It's definitely not PF but I do need to get some new shoes. Maybe I'll get some heel inserts, too.

All for now! Have a great Monday.

I seemed to have scared everyone away from this thread today with my ranting and raving. I'm not upset anymore and promise to be nice. :) Really. Unless you happen to work for IBM. . . }( ;-)


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