Breastfeeding classes for the mum-to-be

Hey mommies, this is my first time in this forum and really have no idea whether this is the right spot to speak on this. I'm 5 months pregnant and planning a homebirth for our first baby, due in December. My husband has already signed me up for the prenatal breastfeeding training classes in Toronto in which they'd giving me a complete coaching on how mums are supposed to breastfeed the infants and latching positions. Has anyone ever had this training before during your pregnancy time? I would like to hear from the mommies over here.


I'm pregnant with my first and looking into home births and birthing centers too so I can't help with the breast feeding questions. I've been reading a fair amount about this and focusing on latching correctly seems to be key to it being less painful and the baby getting enough etc. Baby Center and Nurture have very active forums about this sort of thing that might help. I just felt that fit pregnancy was kind of lacking over there and I've been doing cathe workouts off and on for over 10 years and want to stay as active and healthy as possible during this stage so I was looking for other pregnant to keep me accountable etc.
Good luck and best wishes to you both, Agzo and twin_mommy_to_be! My 3 children are older now but I breastfed each of them for many many months and found it to be so rewarding and empowering - and a learning experience! Yes, latch is vitally important. And so is meeting other mums who are nursing their children. Our local Public Health Nurse and I ran a breastfeeding support group in my home here in Nova Scotia, for several years. We found that the info sharing was helpful, as well as lending out books, videos, supplies, etc. But the most helpful thing of all was the support the mums gave each other. So the training classes sound like a super idea - great way to meet other mums.

If you want a good Toronto based link, I would suggest Dr. Jack Newman's site:

There are some good short video clips right on the site that demonstrate proper latch, etc.

All the best!


I breastfed all my children. (5) It was my time to relax and bond with baby. Highly recommend. Good luck, and enjoy the time. Sorry, I can't recommend a good class. My only resource was Mom, Sisters, Aunts and Cousins.
I agree that breastfeeding can be great if that's what works for you. Just please, don't beat yourself up if it somehow doesn't work out or live up to your expectations. Some women simply cannot breastfeed. Some babies cannot (or will not) nurse.

I'm hoping that you get to have the experience you want but, just for some perspective, I have two children. Baby #1 would not nurse no matter what. I met with lactation consultant after lactation consultant, doctor after doctor, read books, and nothing helped. She was simply not interested in latching. Baby #2 came out of the womb ready to nurse. Like, as in she started nursing perfectly right away, it never hurt, she was an expert at it.

So, same mom but two very different experiences because you just never know what you're going to get. Both of my girls are healthy and thriving. Love your baby (and take care of yourself!) and you'll be great, no matter what happens.

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