Boss Bands and Quicktime


I've downloaded both Boss Bands programs and generally use Quicktime to view but they don't play. Is there a reason I can't use Quicktime for this series?
Hi myputer, I had a feeling you were using a PC. Unfortunately, Apple no longer supports Quicktime on a Windows PC. Instead, you need need to use the Movies & TV app that is included with Windows.. However, this will only allow you to play and view the video, not use and see the chapters.

If you want to see and use chapters on a Windows machine I suggest you download the free VLC player for Windows. Otherwise, you would need to use Quicktime on a MAC.
Thanks! I am able to use Quicktime for all but the Fit Tower and now the Boss Bands and Loops programs. I do have VLC and have been using that for the Fit Tower since it was the only series I couldn't use with Quicktime. Didn't know you could view chapters, which was why I preferred Quicktime but just checked on line to find out how to do that. Now I know. Thanks so much for your help. Lesly

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