bonding teeth??


Ok...I know eveyone is sooooo excited about the too!!
But, has anyone had there teeth bonded?? I have a small space between my 2 front teeth. It's not big, but, it bothers me (people always think there is food stuck in my teeth!!)}(
Has anyone done this?? If you don't mind asking too, approx. how much $$ is it??

I've had bonding done on a chip I have on a front tooth and my regular dentist filled it in for no charge. My daughter has also had some bonding on her front teeth because she had some decalcification from a fever as a child. It looks good and is painless. It can wear off and be temporary, but I'm talking years. I don't recall how much hers was, but it wasn't a big expense.
Thanks...I think I might need a consultation...
Thanks for your input! I don't know much about it, so I think I might do some research on it too.
You can get that space fixed by getting veneers. They are just a layer of porcelain placed right on top of the teeth. Much better than bonding, looks beautiful, but can be sort of expensive. Like $800 a tooth. But totally worth it. I recently replaced my bond on my front tooth (cracked in half after a fall in first grade) with the veneer, and am completely happy with it. They are supposed to last 10-15 years or more.
Another way to fix it is with invisalign, invisible braces. You would have to wear a retainer when it is all done. After a while you only need to wear the retainer once a week or once a month.

What you describe is called a diastema (pronounced dy AST ah ma)and diastemas relapse more than most, without a retainer.

Bonding collects stain after a few years. Veneers take tooth structure away- quite a lot of it. invisalign costs roughly the same as veneers (if the whole thing is just those 2 front teeth).


Connie, a dental hygienist who just took an invisalign course with her whole office 2 days ago
>>Veneers take tooth structure away- quite a lot of it. invisalign costs roughly the same as veneers (if the whole thing is just those 2 front teeth).

Also, I've seen some bad veneer jobs, where the person ends up looking like they have 'rabbit teeth" (think Hillary Duff, who ruined her looks by having them, IMO).
Thank you so much for all your knowledge.
How long do the braces (invisalign) have to stay on?? Or does it depend on the size of the space. It's only between my two front teeth. Does that mean it would only be on the top teeth. It's actually like a "tear drop" shaped space (from the gum down and then teeth touch toward the bottom).
My worry is what you've all said, looking bad or ruining my teeth, that are good other than the space.
Do dentist allow just consultations?? What do I look for in a good cosmetic dentist??

Thanks. Appreciate all your input.
I too had a gap between my 2 front teeth and finally decided to do something about it. I told my dentist that I wanted veneers to fix the problem. He said veneers were expensive and that he could bond the teeth and fix the problem for $300. It is the best $300 I have ever spent! Sometimes my gums get a little irritated because the bonding may attract bacteria to the site because the bond is not quite as smooth as natural enamil - usually an issue with me in the morning. A good brushing and flossing will usually take care of it. It usually only gives me problems around that time of the month though.....go figure.

It was a painless procedure and the dentist can always adjust the width or length of the bond - which he had to do for me since my teeth were a bit longer than I was comfortable with when he was done. No problem - went in and he grinded off some until I was happy with it - no pain. I don't believe you can do that with veneers. Highly recommend it!! Good luck!
If your teeth touch at the bottom, then it probably isn't a diastema-you have little or no papilla (the gum between the teeth that fills in that teardrop shaped space.) Are you sure you don't have periodontal disease that is causing your bone and gumline to recede? The possible corrections stated so far won't help close this gap, as it is there normally anyway, but not seen because the papilla covers it up. A periodontist (gum specialist) may be able to identify why this has happened and they may have new ways to correct the problem and/or make it less noticable.

Doreen, RDH from PA
I've had a space in between my front teeth my whole life. Even after braces it returned. I had my teeth bonded ten years ago prior to my wedding and love it. I just recently had them redone (couple Months ago) because I chipped the bonding and it cost me $170.

Thank you all for the great insite.
I visit my dentist 2x per year, He has never mentioned gum disease. But, I do think it would be a great thing to bring up to him.
He did say I have a 'receeding' gum line, i think due to brushing too hard.
A periodontist may be a good start, like you said to identify any underlying problems.
How long?

First, check out what Darla said. Lots of dentists ignore perio (when I discovered that I was very surprised, shocked!)

Dental hygienists, as opposed to periiodontists, treat perio disease without surgery. Sometimes surgery is the only way. But many cases fall into a gray area. Periodontists do surgical (and sometimes nonsurgical, much less profitable, as well).

Imagine getting an opinion on low back pain from a surgeon and then from a sports medicine physical therapist.

Hygienists are experienced in nonsurgical periodontal therapy. I have personally helped hundreds of people eradicate periodontal disease nonsurgically. Many dentists employ hygienists. In 2 states, hygienists can have their own offices.

Having said all that, the average invisalign case has to wear the aligners for about 11 months.

Best wishes to you.

Edited to add, wearing the retainer is the only insurance against relapse.

Connie L.
Remember-invisalign will bring teeth together that have a space-your two front teeth touch, so they can not come together anymore. The space you see at the top near the gum is where the gum used to cover up the space. Please don't think this is an aesthetic fix- something may be done, but it should be looked at by a periodontist. Good luck and let me know what you find out. I would really like to know what a specialist has to say!

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