Blended workout not in sync


I created a circuit workout over the weekend combing cardio from Imax 3, weights from Drill Max, and abs from Cardio Core Circuit. The WB took a VERY long time (overnight and then some) to actually create the workout. While I had no problems loading the workout on my iPod and viewing it on my TV, near the end of the workout the audio and the video were completely out of sync. While the audio was advancing at a normal pace, the video looked like it was being fast forwarded. I tried restarting it a few times but had the same problem at the same spot in the workout.

Is there a fix for this or do I have to recreate this workout in the WB?

Thank you
Another workout not in sync at the end

I am having the same problem in another workout that I created. When it got to the abs and stretch section at the end of the workout the audio and video were out of sync again.

Is anyone else having a similar problem?

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