Big Warm Thank You Hugs To Our 2014 Daytona Road Trip Attendees!


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Thank you for coming and for bringing your A game this past weekend. Your awesome energy undoubtedly topped the charts. We were nonstop, action packed all weekend and you never missed a beat. Everywhere I looked I saw huge smiles and big happy eyes thirsty with enthusiasm for more.

I loved having you come up on stage with me and share your contagious energy. You inspired me to want to jump higher!!!! I also had so much fun sharing some of the new Ripped With Hiit workouts with you. We proved that High Impact Hiit, Low Impact Hiit and Metabolic Conditioning exercises bring on one of the biggest sweat-fests out there. We burned an average of 600 calories each and every workout and boy did that food taste delicious at the end of the day, lol. We were RAVENOUS!

The weather couldn't have been more cooperative making all of our outdoor meals, fire pit Q&A and early morning beach work out so enjoyable and refreshing. The Daytona resort is the perfect layout for a Beach Bootcamp workout. I loved sharing that time with you. I also loved our cozy Q&A evening nestled around the fire pit sharing some great quality time and questions together.

It was wonderful to meet so many first-time road trippers on this trip and learn more about you. Thank you for bringing your pictures, stories and letters to share with me. I was VERY touched with emotion. We also had many Cathletes come back for a second road trip along with our veteran road trippers too. It's always so great to see you return and each and every time I learn a little bit more about you that I didn't know before.
Thank you for introducing me to your families. Some joined us for the entire weekend and some stopped in briefly to say a quick hello. I adore how they support your love of fitness and I find it endearing that they know so much about me and welcome me as one of your family members. Thank you for bringing me into your world for so many years. I feel blessed and inspired.

It's always so hard to say goodbye at the end of the road trips. The adrenaline is so high every second of the weekend and suddenly it just ends as we hug and part ways. The only thing that gets me through it each and every time is knowing that there's always another road trip on the horizon.

Thank you all for coming on this one and I look forward to hopefully seeing you again on another road trip in the future. Until then we can continue to enjoy the pictures, the memories and embrace the new friendships that we've made in Daytona Beach. Xoxo....Cathe
Thank you for your kind words Cathe, you made me wanna jump higher!! (and I prefer low impact cardio, hee hee!) Thank you for making this past weekend one I will never forget, I had a blast!!
So fun, I can't wait to sign up for the next one! I only wish I had it to look forward to again this weekend!

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