Best workout type for fat loss?


What type of workout or combo of workouts has given you the best results in fat loss? Heavy weights? Running? Spinning? Metabolic Training? HIIT?


Now if I'm not eating cleanly (or close to it) nothing really causes noticeable fat loss for me. But, if I'm eating cleanly the type of workouts that give me my best physical appearance are workouts with more resistance training and some cardio effect for some extra calorie burn. For me this was doing more metabolic workouts, but using fairly light weights 3-5 lbs and then adding in more specific heavier weight training either as splits on an alternate day schedule or tacking it on as a one body part per day type of rotation. For example doing Metabolic Total Body and then Muscle Meltdown Chest. I'd do a separate lower body day once a week or sometimes every other week since I felt my lower body got a fair amount of work with the metabolic workouts.
I agree with Stacy...eating clean is number one. Getting 7+ hrs sleep and drinking lots of water is foundational too.
In terms of workouts, metabolic workouts once to twice a week are great. Spin burns the most calories according to the Workout Manager so fitting that in once per week for the steady state part of my rotation works well. (I find kickbox and step better when I want maintenance type steady state workouts). I try to fit in 2 leg days because I super sweat with those workouts, especially Cathe's programs that use contrast training. Phew - tough! I like to do 1 or 2 hiit workouts, even if they are short (e.g. a tabata tacked on to another workout). For upper body I try to fit in a split routine so that I have time to really work each muscle group.


Definitely agree with Stacy and JPG. Diet is 80% of your results. With that said, when I'm eating clean I see different results with any exercise program. However, my leanest results come with Cathe's metabolic resistance training a few days a week, one or two hiit workouts and a 4-5 mile run once or twice a week. So I'm working out 5-6 days a week, depending on the week. Low Impact Series also created lean results for me. Also, I always get great results with P90X. I try to do it once or twice a year.


I also really need to lose the extra weight I gained during the quarantine. I especially don't like my fat tummy and I'm not happy with my look. So I need intensive workouts to get myself in shape. And probably many people have good photos before the quarantine, and not very-after. Yesterday on one of the fitness forums I saw a photo of a female bodybuilder and I wanted to make the same body. I already read various articles about workouts and steroids, this one caught my attention the most I learned that there are various side effects, so I need to study all the benefits and disadvantages of steroids and make the right decision. And if I decide to take a course of steroids, then I will need therapy to restore my health. In the end, I think the athletic body is worth the effort.
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