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The barbell and plates that Cathe and the class members use during Live classes... has it ever been stated what the approximate weight is of both the bar and the plates? She often refers to the plates by size, not weight, and says to add small, medium, and large plates but I was hoping to get an actual approximate weight. My bar alone weighs 20 pounds, without any plates, so I'm wondering what the class uses, too. Thank you!


I believe this is correct, based on an earlier post that showed the brand she used. I have a similar issues, since my bar is 15 lbs with no plates on it so there's about a 12 lb starting difference for me.

Bar Weight - 3.3
Large Plate -11
Medium Large Plate -5.5
Small Plate 2.2

I translated the total weight to this:
1 Medium - 14.3
1 Medium & 1 Small- 18.7
1 Large - 25.3
1 Large & 1 Small - 29.7
1 Large & 1 Medium - 36.3
1 Large & 1 Medium & 1 Small- 40.7
2 Large - 47.3

Hope it helps!

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