Barbell Position for Plie Squats?


In some videos, Cathe holds the barbell behind her for plie squats and in other videos she holds it in front. I am more comfortable holding it behind me but I don't want to lose any benefit from switching up.

Does anyone know if it makes a difference how you hold the bar? :confused:



I think your arms get a little more work when you hold it in front, but I can't imagine it would make that big of a difference for the targeted leg muscles for the amount of times you would do this exercise, IMO.


For plie I hold a large dumbbell between my legs. For traditional squats holding a barbell in front increases the work load for the quads and if you rest the bar on your shoulders you get more into your glutes. HTH!


I am no expert on squats or anything. But Cathe in one of her earlier strength DVDs mentions that with plie squals there is a bit of a frontwards/backwards balance problem -- since one's feet are pointed sidewards. So Cathe and the crrew hold their weights (barbells I think) in front to help with balance.
-- David


I never hold it in front, it feels weird/uncomfortable on my collarbones.

The barbell shouldn't rest on your collarbones at all. It's meant to be supported 100% by your hands (palms facing you, close grip, elbows wide). Your hands are held close to your collarbones, but not in contact w/ them.

This is my favorite weight position for plies. :)


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