Band on thigh squats


When buying new bands, I noticed many advertising their use for squats placing the band above the knees. I've never seen Cathe use the bands like this. It does seem to add something to my squats.
Anyone else have any first hand experience with the effectiveness of a band squat? Thanks.

aqua girl

There is one workout that Cathe does put the loop above the knees while doing
Lateral squats (side steps) while doing OH press, maybe in XTrain.
Also, another one with floor work where she puts in above the knees for a few
Moves on the floor, can't think of that DVD.


And another where she does low jacks. I am thinking there is one more place where Cathe uses the band above the knees, too.
I've used a yoga strap (no 'give' in it like a band though) in squats and chair pose to help align my pelvis and knees and train my psoas not to take on unnecessary tension. It definitely works!
It might also activate the outer part of the glute muscle a little more?
I use the Hip Halo. $45 on Amazon. It was worth the investment for me. I tried to upload a photo, but the file is too large. I always use the halo above my knees. It activates outter thighs and glutes more when I’m in a squat. The only time I use a loop around my ankles is when I’m doing lateral walks, which is one of my PT exercises. I have bad knees.

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