I have noticed that since my 20th week, I can't stay in bed for more than 3 hours because my back KILLS me...I am 24 weeks now and the problem is hips hurt too. When I get out of bed in the am I feel like an arthritic old woman! I walk my dogs 2 miles in the am and 2 in the pm, so I feel it's not because I gave up aerobics. Wondering if you know the reason for this problem...thanks in advance.

Daphne M

A Body Pillow Might Help

Hi Barb:

Obviously, I'm not Sheila and I'm sure she will give you a very thorough response to this. I'm chiming in anyway, because I so clearly remember those arthritic feeling mornings, even though my kids are now 3 and 5.

What really worked for me was sleeping with a body pillow. I used it when sleeping on my side and just snuggled into it and threw my top leg over. It was great because I could kind of squeeze it under my belly for a little support, and it seemed to help keep my spine aligned the right way. There are lots of nice ways to position that will help shift your body weight and keep you more comfortable. It can get pretty tough in those last few weeks.

My husband bought me mine at Linens N Things and it wasn't expensive at all.

Full disclosure here: I STILL sleep with my body pillow. That thing is comfortable!

Good luck through the next few months. I'm wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy and a BEAUTIFUL baby.

Heather Y

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Body Pillow

I second that recommendation. I bought mine at a store like Kmart and it was cheap. I used it during my second pregnancy instead of trying to use multiple pillows between my knees and under my belly.

I'm sure Sheila will have more advice.


Backache in bed

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You have already been given the recommendation that I would have given regarding the body pillow. You want to make sure that your joints(hips, knees, etc.) are supported while you're sleeping. Those "loose" joints can make trying to sleep a miserable experience. I recommend the body pillow wholeheartedly. You can also get those pillows at Wal-Mart. The ones from Wal-Mart and other discount stores work just as well as the expensive ones advertised in some maternity related catalogs.

Let us know if this works for you. I wish you a good night's sleep. Keep walking those dogs!



sad news

First, thank you for the body pillow advice...I will get one tomorrow!

Second, my friend who is in Pa. and I am in Florida, just called to tell me she lost her baby boy with only 2 weeks to go. SHe had to go through the labor and delivery process and was able to hold him and take pictures of him. Does anyone have any suggestions of something I could send her instead of a special book or something??? I cried with her over the phone and will continue to call, but I want her to know how sorry I am and that I think of her often. Thanks for any advice.


In lieu of flowers...

One of my employees had a very troublesome pregnancy back in 1998 and lost the baby at about the five-month mark. Another staffer had a sister who had lost a baby and through this experience she knew that flowers could be difficult because sometimes when the flowers died it would remind the mom of losing the baby, etc. So she suggested instead that we all pitch in and buy a small tree the mom and dad could plant in their yard, which will grow over the years and remind them, in a positive beautiful way, of the little one they lost. They seemed to like it very much and made a small ceremony out of it when they planted it. Happily, this July they had a healthy little baby girl.

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