Attention Glassboro Road Trippers:


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Can you believe the RoadTrip is just days away! I hope you're getting as excited as I am! RoadTrip prep is in full swing here and we can't wait for all of you to arrive!

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to send out some quick notes and reminders as you pack and prepare.

As you know, Friday July 28th we will be doing a Fit Tower Live Stream class. 106 brand new Fit Towers were delivered to our facility for this event. After the class has ended approximately 70 of these Fit Towers will be available for purchase for $99.95 each (50% savings verses retail cost!) Purchase will include the Fit Tower, the mat, the bands and the BEGINNER DVD’s (Slim and Trim, Lean and Mean, Long and Strong). Please note that the weight bar clips WILL NOT be included.

If you choose to purchase a Fit Tower on the RoadTrip payment will be accepted by check or credit card and we will be able to ship the Fit Towers for $19.95 (USA only) if you did not drive in to the RoadTrip.


Registration this year will begin as soon as the buses arrive to the gym. This will allow us time to do a quick Fit Tower demo at 4:50 before the live stream class begins. If you plan to attend the demo please come to registration dressed for class. We'll go over basic operation of the tower and some sample exercises for those who have never used a Fit Tower before and so that we can all get a feel for our space using so many towers in the aerobic room.


There is always a possibility that a last minute scheduling change will have to be made, but baring anything unforeseen, the classes will go in the following order:


5:15pm -6:15pm Fit Tower Live

9:00pm -9:45pm Yoga Flow


8:45am - 9:45am Kickboxing

10:30am - 11:15am Cycle Mania

2:30pm -3:30pm Metabolic Bootcamp

8:50pm – 9:45pm Super Hero Zumba (with Darlene and Debbie)


8:00am- 9:00am Steptastic

*for those of you who are not avid steppers, please don't panic. We will keep the choreography at an intermediate level. The first half of the class will be step and then we will quickly put the steps away and move into our final circle of blasts*

** a full schedule for the weekend will be provided at registration**


You’ve already heard the details of our Super Hero Zumba party but here is a new detail we’d like you to know about. We’ve factored in some time to mingle and take photos before the dance party begins! 8:30-8:50pm has been set aside for a quick clothing change and photo op session in the aerobics room. Bring your costumes and your cameras and get ready to partaaay!


The RoadTrip officially starts Friday at registration. Beginning Friday morning all registered Roadtrip participants are able to use our Four Seasons gym free of charge. Days earlier than Friday or later than Sunday will run on the gyms daily visit rate of $10 per day. Please note that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, only registered Roadtrip participants are able to enter the facility. There will be no guest passes available to non-registered participants.

For those of you who have inquired about our Target Zone classes…Target Zone classes can be taken at the gym member rate of $20 per class on Thursday, Friday (morning only) and Monday. If you register for a Target Zone class please ensure that you arrive at the gym 15 minutes early to get your belt set up before class begins.

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