Arnica Gel vs. Tiger Balm vs. Icy Hot Patches

carol d.

Happy Friday!

Can anyone give me feedback on their preference for using any of the above for DOMS? I specifically need to target my lower back and quads, if that makes a difference on what to use.

Just looking for alternatives to pounding the Aleve and Advil all the time. :(

I use both Arnica gel and Bio-Freeze for muscle soreness and both provide temporary relief. I like that Arnica gel does not have menthol so there is no smell and it works well for areas like the groin since it doesn't burn or creep. Bio-Freeze contains arnica plus menthol for a cooling affect and does has a smell to it.

HTH :)
I use arnica and also another ointment called Penetrex. I got both on amazon. I have rheumatoid arthritis so I use this stuff a lot! But still pop the Motrin like today after gym style legs last night. Good luck!!!

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