Arizona Cathletes HELP!


Several months ago I made travel plans to visit my god-daughter and her boyfriend in Scottsdale.

Airline tickets - check; rental car - check; house rented - check; god-daughter still living in Scottsdale - uh.... no!

Got a phone call out of the blue, she left her boyfriend and moved back home to NJ (I live in Florida). Say what???

So I leave for Scottsdale on 8/25 and I will be there for 2 1/2 weeks.

I have a five day trip planned for the Grand Canyon/Sedona area (my aunt is flying for this part of the trip to celebrate her 80th birthday).

Any suggestions on what to do in the Scottsdale area would be greatly appreciated. I know this is not the best time to be in southern AZ but it was the best time for my god-daughter's work schedule :(

We are going to see the band Heart (love them) one night and have a full-moon trail ride scheduled for another evening. But suggestions on day time activities would be greatly appreciated. I am used to hot weather, here on the west coast of Florida we have been hovering in the very high 90's for a couple of weeks.

I am trying really hard to be excited about the trip, but...

Thank you for any suggestions you can offer.


It's definitely going to be hot, but you could go biking in South Mountain Park, visit the Desert Botanical Garden, and go check out the Blazin M Ranch in Cottonwood, Arizona. Those are places I have visited. You can always hit a water park, to cool off. Hope my suggestions help.


The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is wonderful and indoors! It is in Scottsdale and I would highly recommend it. If you take your time, it definitely will take the better part of a day. There are also concerts there and the venue is awesome. No bad seat in the house.:)
My suggestions aren't limited to Scottsdale and they aren't all indoors, but these are things I have done in many Arizona summers.

Arizona Science Museum in Phoenix. The Planetarium Theatre is particularly awesome.

Phoenix Zoo. I know it's outside, but it's fun and I used to go there during summers all the time. You can do it!!!

Indoor malls. There are lots of large, indoor malls that you can wander around to move your legs in the cool air and do some people watching. Chandler and Scottsdale Malls are personal favorites.

Golfland / Sunsplash in Mesa. It's an arcade + water park + mini golf place.

The Heard Museum in Phoenix. Very interesting to learn about the American Indians that were native to AZ.

Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

Skateland in Mesa. Super fun indoor skating with music. Looks like a kids place but it's fun for adults, too! (at least I think so)

AZ on the Rocks indoor climbing. A bit pricey, though.

Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa. Total crap food but it's a "cultural" staple for the locals. The organ music does make it fun.

Wander around Mill Avenue in Tempe. It's in college town, right next to Arizona State University. Lots of interesting shops, coffee places, restaurants, and people watching.

If all else fails, go for a pedicure! ;)

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Thank you for the suggestions. the Musical Instrument Museum seems great (my husband is a guitarist, so he will love it!). I found out that the Desert Botanical Garden has a night tour, so that should be fun (and maybe cooler!). It has been raining so much and so often here on the west coast of Florida that I am actually starting to look forward to hot sunny weather!

Thanks again,

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