Arch Support Socks


I was just wondering if anyone else had tried these. After my SO raved about how great they were I went out and bought a two pack. A little more than I'm used to paying for socks but was suprised, I actually really like them. :7

Since it is just elastic around the arch I was wondering if anyone had tried them and they wore out quickly, or last about as long as any other socks.. Just curious....



Hi Angel,

I like these socks too, but they are a bit more expensive. I've had mine for 3 or 4 months now. And they still look great and haven't worn out. Mine are pretty thick so I think it'll take them quite a while, but I wear them at night in my house so they do take a pretty good beating. I'm constantly running around in socks, cleaning/house work and occasional dancing in them. And I generally wear out a normal pair, within in 6 months or less, depending on quality.



I really like these for cardio. I have several pairs and the elastic around the arch doesn't seem to wear out. I have some that are at least a year old and they're still in good shape.

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