AOS KBW Brooklyn or Newport?


AOS has a 20% off coupon good through Tuesday. I'd really like to get another dvd - I have Providence and love it. I'm trying to decide between Brooklyn and Newport. I think I want Brooklyn because it sounds like it has a nice structure (3 minute rounds with 1 minute each upper body, lower body and core) and I'm not looking for the most hardcore workout out there. But I'd love to know what other people's opinions are.

I'd also love to know if anyone has the round breakdown for Newport. It was listed in an old post but I can't seem to access that post since the website change.

The code is DVD20AOS.




Thank you SO MUCH for the coupon code! I have been waiting so long to buy Brooklyn. I can't wait to get it!!!! I hope it's as good as the others that I have.

Here is the breakdown of Newport, which I really like doing.

Round 1: cossack stretch. squat/thrust/snatch. bicycle.
Round 2: squat/press. one arm swing. double leg raise.
Round 3: 2 handed swing. hot potato. twisting crunch.
Round 4: punch matrix. plank. single leg raise.
Round 5 side snatch. overhead lunge. side plank.
Round 6: squat/kick. sots press. standing oblique crunch.
Round 7 hand to hand clean. dragon lunge. russian twist.
Round 8: kettlebell push-up. dive bomber/ cobra. janda sit-up.
Extra Round: snatch/turkish getup. windmill.
Bonus Round: 5 minute snatch test.

Good luck deciding Lisa!

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