Anyone with On Demand with Firestick


I have been using my firestick for cathe's workouts for a few years now and for her on demand, I've only just started adding dvds to my favorites. Well, today I went to use one of her stretch dvds under my favorites tab and I could not get it to get to the workout I wanted to. Every time I had the first one listed highlighted and tried to play it, it went back up to the top of the page. I will not move to any of my other favorited dvds. Has this happened to anyone else? The favorites for the Cathe live app works great and have no issues. It only seems to be with the on demand app that I cannot get my favorites to play. I cleared out my data and cache like I always do but still nothing.
Yes that's what happens to my on my fire stick app. I'll be trying to find a workout I click on it and then want to chose something different it goes all the way back to the beginning
Hi I know this is an older thread but I am facing the same issue with on demand app in my fire stick. Could someone help. This especially happens in shared workout tab where the cursor does not go down to the workouts to select them.

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