Anyone have this hair brush?


I have curly hair that I now wear straight, so I'm on the lookout for products that will help me with that. I found this on

but it's not reviewed yet. Does anybody here have one? Does it work? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Or, if you have tips for someone with medium curly/wavy hair, let me know! I'm trying to educate myself. Thanks.



From what I'm seeing, it appears to be a flat iron with bristles? I don't think it would work for me (I have thick, wavy frizzy hair). The nylon bristles aren't going to conduct any heat, so basically they're just taking up space and reducing the surface area of the actual heating element.

But this is just a hunch on my part. Lord knows I'm always looking for something to make straightening my hair easier (I even tried chemical straightening- also didn't work), but this particular product doesn't seem worth the effort of ordering and most likely returning.

You can try this technique to get the same results if you don't do it already: Run a comb/brush through the section of hair that you're straightening and hold the hair taut- as you're pulling the comb through, run the straightener right behind it. The point of the flat iron is to break all the little h-bonds in your hair (with heat), align them in a new orientation (by holding your hair straight in the iron), and then as your hair cools, the newly formed bonds remain in place (unless they get reheated or humidity happens to be working its evil that day).

Anyway pulling the comb through before the iron is basically just helping to align your hair in the desired position, moreso than the iron would do on its own and making your hair even more delovely. :)

Yeesh I can ramble... hope this helps!


Why are you ladies with gorgeous curly hair trying to straighten it?

I say work with the lovely curls you have! I have curly hair too. My method for wearing it curly is using a leave in product after shampooing and towel drying that helps me scrunch it and keep the frizz to a minimum. I use Humetress by Nexxus. Then I blow dry my hair upside down with a diffuser while scrunching with my hands.

I did everything I could for years to straighten my hair until my hair dresser finally talked me into cutting my hair into long layers and going with the curl. Best thing I ever did for my hair!

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