Anyone from MA?

From Hudson MA - HELLO all!

Having some problems with the WM site - but I guess that is to be expected until they work out all the bugs. Very excited for new site to be working smoothly.

Hi Mary,

I live in Rutland now, but I grew up as a neighbor to you (almost) in Clinton! In fact, I was accepted at Hudson Catholic when I was applying to high schools. (I ended up choosing a Worcester school, but was very interested in Hudson.)

Small world, huh?

I love Hudson! I'm not actually from here though - but when it was time to purchase my own home, this is where I found it. Originally from Littleton, MA - but moved Boston as soon as I could and lived in the city for years. Funny how as I get older, I just wanted to be back where it is quiet and things are slower ....
Hodge Podge

I'll always be "from" New Jersey, but I now live up north. :)

My office is in Middleton, MA, but I now live up in Portsmouth, NH.

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