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Thank You! That is great news. I am so jealous and want one NOW! :) Do you have the Wi-Fi or 3G version? JFYI, I downloaded all 11 of the Shock Cardio plus Travel Fit downloads yesterday and had no problems at all. They are very good quality played on my iTunes.

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iPad Wi-Fi

The iPad we have here is the Wi-Fi version. I'm going to wait until they add the camera to buy a 3G. Glad you're enjoying the quality of the downloads. If you do get an iPad you will love how easy it is to see and select the chapters. The visual interface is really nice too.


Thanks again! I have def decided if I buy an iPad that I will get the 3G but wondering when the camera will be added? Do you have any idea? I don't know if I can hold out that long! Ha! Can I borrow your wi-fi version for awhile? I promise I'll give it back! :) Thanks for all your help! I was wondering if I'd be able to select chapters so that is great to know.


pearlcabrezos said:
Wow! That was awesome!

Pearl, did you get an iPad? The Cathe downloads are wonderful on vivid and clear. Its sooo easy to take Cathe with you on vacation too! :)


New Member
Dumb question

This may be really stupid of me to ask, and I have kind of perused the thread, but once I download to my IPOD can I take it to the gym with me? I don't necessarily need to see it, just hear it. Cathe is always so clear in what she is doing that I can see her doing it in my head. LOL

I have one of the newest IPOD Nanos (the small square one).

Thanks in advance.

Curt Kapus

Hi luvnw8ts,

To answer your question, yes and no. Unfortunately, the square iPod nanos cannot accept video files (even thought previous and latter generations can...don't know why Apple took this backwards step with that model). You would need to put the video file onto your iPod in order to just listen to the audio portion of the video at the gym. So, yes, it is completely possible, but no, not with the particular model that you own (which I also own, so I can sympathize with the limitations it imposes!).

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