All set for Daytona RT--yippee!


Got my plane tickets to Orlando and my room is booked. :D I paid for the first night but I can get a refund 3 days before I get there if necessary. won't be necessary! :cool:

I managed to invite myself to my cousin's place in Orlando so I will only be staying 2 nights in Daytona, Friday and Saturday. The room has 2 queen beds so let me know if you want to share a room and save some $.

So looking forward to this!!! Tracy
woHoo! cool deal, Tigger :) Looking forward to meeting you!
It's very thoughtful of you to think of others regarding the hotel.

I'm all set with my room and plane ticket; still hoping my PT will join me :)

I'm also flying into Orlando and am going to take the Shuttle service to the hotel from Orlando and am arriving Thursday early evening. I'll be wearing my Cathe gear in case anyone else is on the shuttle :)
Hi Jennifer,

Do you have the name of the shuttle service you are taking from Orlando airport to the hotel? Thanks for the info.
Hi Deb,
I haven't made a reservation or looked into either of these yet however --

FaithNveggies posted shuttle info in the *Fly into Daytona or Orlando* thread (I copy/pasted to make it easier). Apparently there are two of them.

Welcome to DOTS - Daytona Orlando Transit Services.

This is another shuttle in the area:


She says that they are the only direct one. DOTS (the other link I posted) sometimes makes stops in Deltona and ? to drop people.

Also DOSHUTTLE said that they are a little less expensive and have nicer vans. To get from their office in Daytona to the hotel is an extra 12 dollars each way. If they have a group of 5 ALL TRAVELING AT SAME TIME then no extra charge for door to door drop off, but there is a stop at the office. She said they've been in business for 8 years.
Hi guys! Won't be long before our feet hit the sands of Daytona Beach :) Wahoo! My friend Pamela and I are flying into Daytona Beach airport Thursday the 10th early afternoon. Can't wait to meet up with fit and fun Cathletes from all over the states. I'm from Georgia, newly transplanted from PA. Which is where Pamela lives. We've been working out together for 5 years and are so excited to be a part of this adventure!

Anyone else coming into Daytona on Thursday please feel free to message me. Perhaps we can get together before the scheduled activities begin!?!
Looking forward to meeting you both! I'm flying into Orlando and then taking the Do Shuttle bus (I hope -- I still need to call them!) to the hotel probably arriving around 8 or so. I'm sure there will be a lot of Cathletes in the hotel lobby Thursday -- see you then!
I'm flying into Daytona with my niece on Friday morning. Our flight arrives at 11:00 am and we are coming from Michigan. I am really looking forward to this weekend. It is my 2nd road trip. My niece has never done a Cathe workout. She is in for a treat! Looking forward to meeting all,of you!

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