Advice on treadmill belt width.


To all the treadmill owners out there. I am considering purchasing a treadmill and want to know if there is an optimum belt width I should be looking for. There is such a wide variety of treadmills available with belt widths ranging from as narrow as 10 inches up to 20 inches or more. The wider belt treadmills tend to be considerably more expensive. I am thinking that anything less than 15 inches (38 cm) may be too narrow to walk or jog comfortably on. I have a dancer's walk where my feet turn out and I'm worried of catching my toes on the sides of the treadmill. Many of the ones I'm considering are between 16 and 18 inches (40-46cm). Is 16 inches an okay belt width or should I be looking at something closer to 18 inches. What are your thoughts, experiences? Thanks in advance. :)


I think this depends if you're a runner or a walker. At least 18 inches is good for walkers while anything longer than that would be better for runners. Hope this helps.
@Hazlady my feet also turn out when I walk so I opted for a wider belt when purchasing my treadmill. I believe mine is 20 inches wide but 18 would probably be suitable. I just knew if I went too narrow I would be obsessing over for placement and staying upright (not tripping!). I didn't want to worry about that and I am super glad I purchased the wider belt treadmill. If your finances allow and you have space for the slightly larger machine, I'd suggest the 18 inch width. Enjoy your new treadmill. I love mine!

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