A Heartfelt Thank You

Cathe Friedrich

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our 2015 Glassboro Road Trippers!

Well, we’ve outdone ourselves yet again Cathletes! We kicked off Friday (literally) with an energy packed kickbox livestream class! Cameras? Who even noticed them?! We sure showed them who's boss!

That crazy roadtrip adrenaline carried us right through step (got to love those hip hop repeaters!), spin (dj in the dark...way cool!) and finally some seriously "shweaty" weight training (you didn't think you were gonna get through a roadtrip without lifting weights did you?!)

We danced the night away at our fun and funky 80’s Zumba party! Darlene, Lisa and Wendy really rocked the house!!! Leg warmers, glow sticks and lace...Yup, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"... and let's not forget Howard and Jesse too!

We still found plenty of time to enjoy delicious meals, warm hugs and lots of laughter in between. Sunday morning we proved that we are all worthy of our "warrior" title.

Yes, we were up and at 'em early busting out our favorite moves and earning our goodbye breakfast! Speaking of goodbyes, after every road trip I sit here in my office and write my thank you note with a heart full of gratitude and a mind that’s plagued with post road trip blues. At least we’re all in that together too *wink*.

Each roadtrip holds a special place in my heart and I love looking through your photos and posts after you settle back into your normal routines and have time to reflect on the amazing memories we made. (Normal routine? Do we really have to?)

As hard as it is to come down from the hype and enthusiasm that ONLY a group of Cathletes can bring, it helps to reflect on the special moments we had throughout the weekend and the funny stories we can all tell! What happens in Glassboro stays in Glassboro right?! Lol…

I hope that you all left “my home” with a renewed sense of health, fitness and friendship. Thank you all again and "I’ll see you next workout"... or in Daytona!
Cathe, thank you and your staff for such a wonderful weekend. So many precious memories. The pics help with the post RT blues. New connections made and old ones renewed. Naaila coming all the way from Africa. And she fit right in!!!

We have several asking about your pants from the step class. The orange ones. Can you share where they came from?

I'll be seeing you Live and hopefully again next year.

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