a good reminder to get your yearly mammogram

I can't believe I just read this! I just turned 40 last month and went for my mamogram this past Monday. I thought it was going to be just routine. I actually had a mamogram to use as a baseline when I was 37, so this was actually my second mamogram. Imagine my suprise when the phone rang on Tuesday to say that they have noticed some changes and want to do another mamogram and an ultrasound tommorow (Friday). I'm trying to not freak out.

I'm so glad that your's was caught early! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


How was your appointment? I hope everything is fine.

I saw the doctor today and I'm cancer free!! I still need radiation but they got all the cancer - took out in cm 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.

I'm so thankful this was caught early and didn't spread. Mammograms aren't perfect but they do a job. Please, please remember to get one every year.
I'm Fine!!

Im fine and I'm so glad you are ok!!! Happy dances all around! Mine turned out just to be tissue that got all balled up or something like that during the original so it's all good!

I completly agree I will get my mamogram every year!
Thanks for thinking of me and wishing you a very speedy recovery

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