A Big Warm & Fuzzy Group Hug To All Of Our 2014 Chicago Cathe Road Trippers

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((((((( A Big Warm & Fuzzy Group Hug To All Of Our 2014 Chicago Cathe Road Trippers )))))

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making this one of the most fantastic Road Trips ever!!!!

By now most of you are back home and settled into your daily routines and quite possibly experiencing what I refer to as "post Road Trip blues." You left here on such a high after meeting and making so many friends who share a common bond with a love for fitness. Friends who "embrace the challenge" and actually get why you love to "work work" so hard. Friends who completely understand why you would want to race on the plane or into a car and do Cathe workouts all weekend long. A group who totally gets why your suitcase is busting at the seams with colorful shoes, spandex and KIND bars. A group who knows how to end the sentence "What you do to one side you_______!!!"

So it's no wonder now as you sit at home in your regular routine, that you might feel a little bit of the post Road Trip blues, wishing you could go back and re-live the energy you created. You're not alone!! All the Road Trippers, including me, are right there with you. We, too, are glued to our computers and mobile devices checking every new notification, browsing through our news feeds and looking for any pictures or comments we may have missed. Each time we see one more new comment it fills that sad void and brings a great big smile to our face and warms our heart!!! Good news is that these pictures will still continue to go up for weeks so you will have quite a lot to view to help you through the temporary blues.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for coming out on this Road Trip to share your love and support of my workouts with me and the entire Cathlete community. It is because of you that I am able to continue to do what I do with great passion and desire. While speaking to each and every one of you at the Road Trip, I am humbly proud for what we have accomplished together. Thank you for allowing me to be your trainer over the very many years. Hearing the stories you shared with me and witnessing your accomplishments firsthand makes me so incredibly proud of you in every way. I'm honored to have inspired you so deeply. But I'm just as happy to share with you that YOU inspire ME in the same way. I'm so happy that "we're in this together" and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

On behalf of my entire staff and me, who had the pleasure of meeting you this weekend, we thank you for your smiles, energy and support!!! What a great group of Cathletes!!!!! We hope you had as great of a time as we did and hope to see you on a future Road Trip!

Cathlete Hugs,
Thank you card

Thank you also for the precious and ginormous homemade "Thank You" card that you all signed. It meant so much to me!!! It just arrived back from Chicago in the crate (that you all enjoyed having your pictures taken inside of, lol) and I'm enjoying all of your special notes to me.

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